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  • valueevangelist valueevangelist Oct 10, 2001 10:43 AM Flag

    What is the story on group COO's?

    Are they still same people and what's the poop on them?

    Frank Feraco- Tools;
    George Danko- Enclosures
    Richard Cathcart- Water

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    • My comment as to the direction of movement of PNR pertains to PNR only and was not intended as a commentary on PNRs performance compared to other companies. PNR is not moving up.

      I'm really not concerned about the performance of the S&P or or the DOW other than as an indicator of the overall market conditions. I find that the Tool_man 27 (the 27 stocks that I currently hold outside mutual fund accounts) is a much better indicator of how I am doing. The performance of 500 stocks, most of which I do not own directly or make daily decisions on has little relevence to my financial health. The Tool_man 27 is out-performing those 2 more widely known indexes you mentioned at this time.

    • Regarding your statement...
      "2) Don't understand ab10216's comment about stock moving up - looks to me like it is moving down - put a trendline on the chart for last three months."

      You may want to try some balance in your analysis. Pls compare to Dow & S&P500 and you'll see why Goldman Sachs upgraded to mkt_outperform.

    • 1) George Danko is a good guy.

      2) Don't understand ab10216's comment about stock moving up - looks to me like it is moving down - put a trendline on the chart for last three months.

      3) I like playing Pebble Beach myself. If stock was in fact moving up I'd pay Frank's greens fee there, but since stock is not moving up and tools is in its historically busiest time of year - his ass ought to be in Jackson. Does anyone know his handicap?

      4) Would like to recommend to the Jackson execs that they try Dancing Rabbit in Philadelphia, MS. Two very nice courses plus a casino and close enough that they could drive down after work on Friday, play the weekend and be back in the office Monday morning.

      5) Hopefully at least one of the many new VPs will be bright enough to figure out how to get some of the lost shelf space at the superstores back without buying their way back in.

    • You can't believe the overhead the tool group has laid in!!!! Feraco is the group coo, he has 1 executive vice president, at least 6 senior vice presidents, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 vice presidents. They did a very efficient job of cutting middle management back in the jan timeframe only to replace the warriors with chiefs at a significantly higher cost. Feraco loves to characterize former management as egotists. But this group takes the cake!!!!financially responsible companies are cutting overhead to provide their shareholders with decent returns in a weak economy while pentair is showing their arrogance by adding fat and publicizing it to the world. You thought winslow wasn't screwed what the ceo/consultant (who loves to hire consultants) does to this company....... Shareholders beware!!!!!!!

      at least danko shows fiscal restraint in the ge way. George knows business is tough and he reacts accordingly

      (ps , i believe frank is teeing it up in pebble beach this week!!!! I know the shareholders want to keep tabs on this highly motivated leader)

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