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  • run35ok run35ok Nov 7, 2008 9:40 AM Flag

    Run35OK...Please Explain

    With all due respect to your published data, I have no argument with what you say.

    My point was and is that when a stock goes down so much as AHT has, there is more to it than just investor panic. Invariably the little guy gets the truth long after the price has tanked. Which leads me to my opinion that for the most part we are gambling while the folks who sell in advance because they have more info than we have, are not gambling. IMO the few cases that the SEC or law enforcement catches are the tip of the iceberg. The SEC readily admits their inability to police Wall St.

    Back to AHT. I would not be a bit surprised to hear that their business plan is in deep trouble, because of the huge drop in stock price. Ask yourself the question: If they are swimming in cash, then why is the stock down to nothing?

    If you believe what you read, and are willing to bet your house on AHT, then go for it. I wish you all the luck in the World.

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    • runamok

      You may as well be invescon with all this innuendo and no facts. My guess is that you didn't even listen to the conference call.
      I understand their plan and it's designed to get them through a tough 2009. The industry is hunkering down for a difficult ride next year.

      That's what's so ignorant about your comments. You go on talking about how their is some mysterious bomb shell when the facts are slapping you right in the face. The bomb has already gone off - don't you get it.

      As if anyone needs more a reason than the worst economy of my adult life. Man some people are dense.

    • Run, you are a total and complete dunce.

    • run35ok If you ever say anything negative about AHT they will say that your invesco. Most of this board is full of crap and can't find there way out of a wet paper bag. They have been trying to pump up this piece of crap all the way down from $10.

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