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  • transilvania01 transilvania01 Jun 24, 2012 7:22 AM Flag

    rusell 3000...

    I can not believe that this message board is soo lame... totaly cluless... Monday will be added to rusell 3000.. not a big deal....

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    • It may not be a great time to sell a bank, but why do you think he wants to hold it at this point. He's 75, his henchman are old (and do nothing), A buyer get rid of their salaries, etc in two minutes and gives another bank opportunity to get into NYC...
      You(we) had opportunity to get in a six (or even 4). Doubt we would see 6 again but then again if buyers dry up the odd lotters will sell and specialist will push it down.
      He needs to sell. A dividend in my mind means nothing to most shareholders as most of it will go to him and Garfunkel. I doubt most shareholders (investment firms and mf's) will stand for that)

    • Since you seem to be very astute would you venture a guess that the roughly 20,000 shares trading daily, with little if any downward pressure, is mutual funds mimicing the Russell 3000 (i.e. buying into BERK). If so, where is supply coming from given such a small float?

    • Yes, message boards are generally worthless (and even worse) but occasionally you may find one that has a few knowledgeable investors (who can also spell), and can added value. We've had a few of them on this Board over the years who have added some insight. Maybe you would like to share how you found that BERK was added to Russell 3000 (we see no public notice), or any other investment opinions re: BERK.