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  • basicknowledge Mar 7, 2014 9:42 AM Flag

    Anyone know about Graphite One???

    Is this company a good investment??? Small, for sure. I hear that graphite will be needed. True???

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    • I just loved Graphite Mining, getting them off the Ground, another story.

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      • I've begun building a position here "Longterm"... It's up to everyone to do their own DD. I believe I will see Graphite One mining in Alaska in 2018. I also own shares in Mason Graphite which I believe will begin operations end of 2015...

        I believe graphite/graphene will become a game changer down the road! Good luck to all! There are several graphite plays to look at Northern Graphite, Energizer ENZR, Focus FCSMF, Mason Graphite MGPHF, Graphite One GPHOF, and a few more.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Alright i just read through their executive bios and I don't see any reference to experience at any significant companies. The CEO's bio talks of experience but doesn't say where. The executive chairman sold his company First Coal to XStrata for $153 million but left after 2 years. Why? It seems Xstrata would be a much greater opportunity. Just in Feb 2013, an article in Mining and Exploration quotes him as speaking of the massive potential of two new mines xstrata was developing. 3 months later he's with a $19 million market cap penny stock? that doesn't make you scratch your head? hmmm...

      and both the CEO and executive chairman were appointed on January 30! Yes, just about 1 month ago. this is pump and dump.

    • i just jumped over to their website, and was surprised to see their stock price plastered at the header of the site. In the intro, it shows again their ticker. That's just a real turn off. Real companies focus on their companies and let the stock do its thing. They should NOT be promoting the stock. They should be working on their company.

      This is older news but this is the port Graphite One plans to utilize to ship/barge out materials. (Small Company on the Seward peninsula is Graphite One)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Buy & Hold ....bought 20,000 shares at .15 took Long position a week ago!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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