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  • birdbob42 birdbob42 Jan 5, 2013 7:57 AM Flag

    Cyberknife future

    As posted before. the best senario for the future of CK and its derivatives is: a billionaire has the treatment and is so enamored with the outcome that he buys a controlling interest in the company, takes it private, gets Dr Adler back on the board, divests TOMO and develops the wonderful field of robotic radiosurgery. The lower the stock price gets, the more this could be a possibility. ARAY cannot survive as a public stand alone company with the mess that past management created and IMO is not a good takeover target for other large healthcare companies.

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    • Anybody know how I could contact David Koch to discuss this with him?

    • My scenario is a dream-sometimes they come true.. Yours is more realistic, , that Josh Levine can structure value to be taken over and grown (ISRG would be great-monopoly on robotic surgery and radiosurgery). Good news from a practitioner-reimbursements for prostate cancer treatments in some areas are now being allowed only for total treatment, which greatly favors CK over IMRT.

    • IMO Josh Levine understands how significant the CK is and has pointed the sales team in the right direction working on the technology that thay both have to offer. The past CEO was R&D guy and a idiot boot, he didn't have a clue on how to sell nor market what Accuray has to offer. The current CEO is a salesman and believe
      he is going to drive Aray's share price higher at least that's how he comes acrosss to me through recent cc's . I always respect your posts and enjoy reading them.

    • Just an absurd mesage, but most are on these boards. ARAY's Cyberknife is a fantastic device but the company has been mismanaged and insiders/executives have richly rewarded themselves with millions in stock options while losing money forever? Corporatge governance is VERY weak on their board. The end game here is for the company to be purchased at $8-12 by a GE medical, Siemans, Phillips or other. They could then fire the board and management, consolidate sales under existing sales forces and maximize the potential here. No billionaire is going to buy this out on his own. This is nothing more then a piece of a bigger medical device company or conglomerate.

    • The next quarterly report will be as terrible as the last one as signalled by Josh Levine. He also signalled that resources, which are being reduced, will be directed more toward TOMO and less toward CK. This is why I am convinced that the future growth of CK, the best platform in the important cancer treatment field of radiosurgery , cannot be acccomplished in the current ARAY structure. but better controlled by someone with a passion for better cancer treatment for more patients who has the resources to take the company private, spin off TOMO AND GET ck TO WHERE IT BELONGS.

    • For hemmerjohn-what is your reaction to this thread? Have always admired the wisdom of your analysis and posts.


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      • Bob, thanks for the compliment. I am not sure what my thoughts are worth but since you asked here they are:

        Cyberknife is a truly wonderful device. Past management pushed in too many directions and did not stay focused on Cyberknife.

        Josh Levine took over after the commitment to fixing TOMO maintenance and upgrades to both devices were made. Beacuse the new Cyberknife model was rush to market before it was ready and that has greatly impacted sales of Cyberknife.

        None of this it the fault of current leadership which is trying to right the ship. They divested of the Proton interest. Which was a distraction from current products. They are also concentrating on sales.

        At this point management must get the upgraded Cyberknife working. Probably 2 or 3 quaters of growth and be lost.

        Because the TOMO upgrades are complete and they expand the range of it treatments, it is in a good position to compete with Varian. It is a position to be cash flow positive to the company. So Josh Levine has no choice but to go with it.

        Because Varian owned such a large part of the market, a virtual monopoly, they could influence Radiation Oncologist and Private and Government 3rd party payers not to reimburse Cyberknife treatments.

        Now that most regions of the country has CMS reimbursement codes that battle is over.

        Now it is a matters of enlightening Health Care providers about the superiority of TomoTherapy and Cyberknife technologies and selling it to them.

        Josh Levine believes he can do that. He just made a personal investment of close to 1/2 million dollars telling us so.


        Sentiment: Buy

    • The possibility described would be my best idea of success, with focus on development of radiosurgery where CK is the best platform and that focus would not be diluted by trying to fix TOMO which is far inferior to Varian offerings. Some of my best stocks of the past have been private companies for years and part of why they do well is they don't have the quarterly pressure to show results. David Koch has given hundreds of millions to fight cancer and it would be great if he would take on this one.

    • Hope that billionaire comes around soon. David Koch would be perfect.

    • The disturbing thing to me about making something of TOMO is that the ARAY director of engineering, who has been working on fixing TOMO has recently left the company-do not know the circumstances of his depaerture.

    • Tomo must continue. It may have had issues in the past but the new enhancements have erased reliability issues.

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