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  • train_to_reality train_to_reality Aug 6, 2004 3:33 PM Flag

    Can We All At Least Agree..............

    .......... that as of today Bush is a lame duck President.

    Therefore, given the reality of the situation and the fact that Geoge Bush will obviously experience a humiliating defeat in November, I see no reason why, we as a nation, can not proceed, immediately, with the inauguration of John F. Kerry as President of the United States(preferrably Tuesday morning @ 10 AM EDT.)

    Now, since we all seem to be in agreement, let the healing begin.

    God bless John F. Kerry, President of the United States of America.

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    • Your simply a Crazy person...Giving the country
      back to the democrats would be sheer idiocy.The
      liberals have a long history of underminding
      the ideals of our country.They espouse bigger
      government,higher taxes,more beurocracy,and a
      lack of traditional values for which the
      country was founded.G.W has made some inroads
      in turning this around,and bring values back to
      the country..BUSH in NOV