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  • train_to_reality train_to_reality Aug 13, 2004 1:41 PM Flag

    Less Than 3 More Months For Bush

    The train to reality has left the station and Bush is in the back car practicing laps on his tricycle.

    Thanks to President Kerry for bringing hope to our beleaguered nation. We salute you.

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    • And a long three months it will be for the stock market. The vast majority of corporate CEO's have endorsed President Kerry and the market is reflecting it's dislike for Bush. It's just buying time until Kerry is officially voted President.

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      • You state:
        "the market is reflecting it's dislike for Bush."

        Au contraire...from Wednesday's WSJ:

        "The accompanying chart plots the trading price of futures contracts for Sen. Kerry's share of votes along with the value of the S&P 500 composite index since March 3, the day after the Super Tuesday primaries. When the expected vote share rises and thus the implied probability of Sen. Kerry winning the election increases, the S&P 500 index tends to decline sharply. The pattern is consistent and significant. Given the negative response of the stock market index to increases in his electoral prospects, this suggests that a Kerry victory, or its inevitability in the run-up to the election, could cause a significant stock market decline. The correlation is apparent even when the lackluster response to Sen. Kerry and the Democratic convention depressed the value of the Kerry futures contract, and the stock market simultaneously rallied."

        The correlation is very apparent when you overlay the elections market prices with the stock market.

        The markets CLEARLY don't want Kerry to win.

      • a vast majority??Are you crazy spewing such
        bullshit...Kerry has like 12...Bush has the
        rest..OMG,,surprized anyone wouldnt know that

    • Kerry is not qualified for the job,sorry.
      Dean might have been able to do the job,but
      John Kerry would get Zero done,and a waste
      of 4years..and just to apease the liberal
      masses is no reason to vote for a guy who
      cant do the job.