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  • psych79431 psych79431 Sep 15, 2004 11:38 AM Flag

    Deleted Message

    Of Course Facts is for nationalized healthcare,,,another example of liberal
    irresponsibility..Thank God Americans
    won't go for it.Free Market system is
    why we have better choice,better quality,better
    service with less wait,and no rationing..The
    liberals want to buy drugs from Canada,,until
    they see our investment $ going up North,and
    a sudden drop in new medications coming to
    market.hmmmmmm not fun anymore...How about
    a 6month wait for surgery..I'd love to see
    how Clinton would have reacted if he was
    put on a waitlist,or better yet told it was
    illegal for him to get preferential treatment
    despite his ability to pay(ahhhh,,not free
    after all)..As Canada is just 1/10th of our
    population,,i'd expect all the downside
    issues would be magnified if tried in the U.S

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