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    • As I don't feel like figuring your taxes out
      either,,lol..Let me state in general how it
      benefits us all.The new law added a 10% bracket
      which is extended to the first $14,000,it lowered the rates above 15percent to 25,28,33,and 35%.A drop of 2% points for each
      rate except the top which got a 3.5%.The new law raised the standard deduction to $9,500 and
      extended the 15% tax rate to $56,800(reduced the marriage penalty where we paid MORE by filing jointly than if we did seperate).Also
      you get the child deduction of $1000 per kid(a
      raise from $600).Lastly the capital gains rate
      on qualified dividends has been reduced from
      20% to 15%(if your regular tax rate is %25 or more),otherwise 5%. LT Capital gains tax was also reduced by 5%.hope that helps(disclaimer
      -I am not a tax professional,i work in the
      medical field:)