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  • contrarianbs contrarianbs Sep 28, 2005 12:05 PM Flag

    Why did 80%+ vote for this "mess"?

    I'll tell you why because the insiders knew that PVN is a POS. The play was always for a merger and you should be thankful you received what you did. The big boys understood this and so should you.

    The question is when do they start to unwind? After 10/1 or after dividend around 10/15? Looking for a huge correction post 10/15.

    Yes Rooky, I have been wrong before, but stupid M&A decisions can throw a wrench in logical predictions.

    Huge class actions on the way against KKK and WM for this terrible acquisition.

    Time to take off the rose colored glasses. Yours and many others' irrational exuberance have created a huge bubble in all markets; stock, housing and credit. Fed understands it has no room to move down and waning interest in treasuries is forcing it to move up.

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    • LOL blomquist! I see you're still working for your lost "finders fee". You've told so many lies now, you've run flat out of credibility issues. Much to your chagrin, PVN's restructured portfolio is still very much in tact, and WaMu will be the benefactor.

      What's really funny is you inability to pin point when you think WaMu will feel the pain.
      You range anywhere from 10/15/05 to 2010 when you predict everything will colapse.

      You say, "I have been wrong before". No chit Sherlock. The one thing I'm certain about is you'll be WRONG again come 10/15/05.


    • Blah blah blah!!!! So much money is going to be made by credit card companies from the storm rebuilding it will be fantastic..... What do you think the amount is going to be just from the credit card use for gas purchases..... Your head is in the sand!!