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  • kennym3888 kennym3888 Sep 20, 2011 5:53 PM Flag

    Technical Question

    Does any one out there know if Quantum could build their own Flash arrays or Flash technology or would they maybe have to buy that technology to compete since that seems to be the technology thats going to replace disk drives and from my research that day is coming pretty soon.

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    • But to answer your original question: Apple doesn't build their own flash. If Quantum built a flash storage product, they would probably do the same.

      Also, to downplay the benefit of a flash-based product based on solely on price is short-sighted, 1980's thinking. iPad is an expensive tablet, but is also the most successful. Why? Because it gives the buyers what they are willing to pay for.

      Consider a flash-based rack-mountable storage product with 1/2 the form factor (or less) that of a traditional one in a filled-to-capacity 1/4-mile square datacenter. Not having to build and maintain a new huge datacenter to expand capacity is a HUGE cost saving that COULD justify for some buyers the additional cost and limitations of flash technology.

      The laggard tech companies are the ones that focus on the cost of product at the expense of giving customers what they might desperately need. Time will tell if Quantum is a laggard or an Apple.

    • You would buy the SSDs necessary to create your own flash array. But the issues here are price/performance and reliability. SSD reliability right now isn't any better than HDD and price is much higher. The day that SSD replace HDD en masse isn't coming as soon as you think. Since the purpose of deduplication technology is to reduce the amount of data you need to store and move across the wire the need to use SSD (flash) to move data even more quickly lessens.

      At some point there will be an all flash DXi type system from QTM or someone else. But the price of that product will be prohibitive for quite a while.

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