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  • jeromeserio jeromeserio Oct 30, 2007 5:19 PM Flag

    Schwab looking for shares

    Got a call from Schwab looking to borrow my shares.

    Apparently not enough shares available for the shorts.

    I have a little over 20K shares. Told them nooooooooooo.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Seems like a large float not to have shares available to short.



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    • Jimmie, I know most of your message is to Soc, but I hope you know that shares are borrowed all the time for short postions without anyones permission. I think you meant to confirm the email sent by Schwab.

      IMO this is an odd thing. The October 15 short interest is a little over 5 million shares, which is a small percentage of the total float.

      Nothing to worry about. I think Soc is correct in saying that most of the shares are "tied up", leaving fewer shares availible to borrow for short positions. It would be nice to keep it that way, as you, Gary and Jerome have stated.

      As mentioned in this thread there are ways to keep your shares from being borrowed. Anyone with a large long position should protect their shares, making it a little harder on the shorts.

    • Soc, I knew you could give a "", about anything, but I thought you might have the ability to confirm or not the borrowing of shares.
      If they are asking for our shares, is that a good thing, IYO?
      This seems like serious business to them seeing the money they spent to ask share-holders. And they did call as well.
      Interesting to this plebian.

      I'm out and eating, but not what you suggested, rather Sees candy before bed time seems the way to say good night.

      Your info is excellent IMHO. thanks.

      No I am not going to fire my source, but I will do a better job of declassifying his information to all you guys.

      the least I can do.

    • i could give a shit about schwab. you seem to be consistently lying. they have had to find financing for their last 3 deals and geez, the $13.6 million from DG isn't enough to fund A 10MW DEAL? I thought it was, i thought suppliers would give wwat materials for free if they just asked nicely. you think it's funny to spread rumors, why do you feel compelled to act that way, are you mentally ill?
      of course it isn't easy for any company to arrange $50million in financing, you don't go to MMA for that much.

    • No need. I already believe you guys concerning Schwab. That is what the "sorry" was all about. Now I have heard of such a thing.

      Did you fire your source yet?

    • Soc, have you heard of such a thing?
      Give me an address and I will overnight the portfolio so you can see it for yourself.

      WWAT needs much more money to implement and Goldbaum isn't half enough. Do the math. IMHO

      Have a nice night,

    • yea, reveal your source. you are pond scum and that's an insult to pond scum, it wouldn't be stupid enough to post the crap you do. when are they doing that spain "pilot project?" you can lie all you want, if only you went into permanent hiding. getting nervous again?

    • You are such a nitwit, i'd call you a moron but that would BE AN INSULT to morons.

      gelbaum started investing in wwat at .35. the technicals and fundamentals were awful then. he was investing based on the belief in the future of a.e. and wwat's management/products and/or his ability to help the company overcome management's weaknesses.

      when he ran a hedge fund he was investing other people's money and i doubt he would have invested in small cap bulletin board stocks because of the huge risk. mathematic formulas predicting stock price movements work much better on less volatile stocks, i doubt they work very well on stocks like wwat where they move totally unexpectedly. the formulas he used as a hedge manager required him to BUY/SELL at a certain price, HE HASN'T SOLD A FRIGGIN SHARE DUNKOPF!!

      he's investing just the opposite of a hedge fund manager imho, he's making long term investments and at least with wwat, bcon and oegy, directly supplying cash for their daily and future needs thru direct stock purchases - he is directly influencing their futures. he is more like warren buffet.
      by purchasing 5% or more of a company's stock, he has to publicly file with the SEC any stock transaction even if 1 share, resulting in his unable to sell stock until either the company becomes very successful or unless it is hopeless and he decides to sell and take a huge loss. some other business people are making investments in green technology that won't produce significant returns for a long time - ted turner invested in dome-tech, a n.j. solar installer, the founder of ebay invested in solar city and i think tesla motors, richard branson i think is investing in clean fuels, bill gates invested in alternative fuels.

      i assume gelbaum has hired a staff to research companies to invest in, i heard that when q.k. was in germany in april?, he told a group of investors he had never spoken to gelbaum.
      he has since then.

      the man just invested $13.6million in the company and has warrants to invest about another $16milion. he wants wwat to succeed.

    • Jeromesio is telling the truth.
      I received a beautiful portfolio from Schwab for the same exact reason. They want to borrow my shares, WWAT shares, and I get 2%.

      I, like the rest am waiting for spain.
      Has anyone heard about a loan WWAT is seeking to land a huge job in spain?
      I understand that they have cash-flow problems and landing a huge deal will be blessings for us but possible choas for WWAT in trying to implement, IMHO.

      I in long and have been because of the advice I receive on this MB.

      Thanks to all.

      Should I reveal my source? Not yet!

    • I don't believe you, but a good way to protect your shares from shorting is to put in a good until cancelled sell order for like $10.00 or something high. This makes your shares unusable for borrowing on the short side.

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