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  • gregheltzer gregheltzer Dec 1, 1998 3:23 PM Flag

    well shit on fire

    i got freaked..
    first time for everything..

    I sold at i just bought at 43.. lost 40$ in trade fees..

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    • i know you're still reading this and you're gonna
      get rich like the rest of us. I really miss your
      messages. I think 51 days is long enough to boycott us.
      Come on back and bring "akalifgirl"
      with you. You
      both had a lot of good information. Mtc/soi retiree

    • I thought all of you might like to see this
      excert from todays Wall Street Journal. Do you think
      there is any chance for MERCK/MONSANTO merger even
      though they are rivals? Could there be a problem with
      monopoly on the COX drugs? What a company this would

      Merk acknowledged it faces more competitive threats
      than ever, but said it has enough new products in its
      pipeline to over-come these hurdles. One problem: Its
      top-selling product, the cholesterol medication ZOCOR, has
      lost market share to a more powerful cholesterol drug
      introduced last year, Warner-Lambert Co.'s LIPITOR. (I
      personally use LIPITOR)

      Moreover, several of the
      company's other big sellers, including the blood-pressure
      drug VASOTEC and the antacid PEPCID, will lose patent
      protection in the years 2000 and 2001, almost certainly
      resulting in vigorous competition from cheaper generic
      rivals. Investors are watching carefully to see if Merck
      can come up with new drugs to keep revenue growth

      Some investors have even speculated that
      Marck could be forced to merge with a rival if growth
      slows, even though the company has repeatedly said it
      hasn't the slightest interest in a merger.

      company touted new clincial trial data for its
      experimental painkiller VIOXX, which is under Food and Drug
      Administration review. The company said tests showed
      conclusively the prescription drug had a much lower rate of
      causing dangerous stomach ulcers than existing
      painkilling drugs, such as ibuprofen. The studies could prove
      a big advantage in a long-awaited marketing
      showdown between MERCK and MONSANTO CO., which is
      developing a similar new painkiller called CELEBREX, also
      under FDA review. Both VIOXX and Monsanto's drug are
      expected to be blockbusters, with annual sales of $1
      billion or more each.

    • Maybe many a great CEO have kicked out the door
      in the steel industry where it takes four years to
      get a 40% gain. But if your willing to invest in life
      sciences CO, which can flip inside out at any minute, you
      got to be willing to take the ups and downs, and you
      can not blame Shapiro for a great idea that turned

    • had known you, it certainly would have been
      titled The Buggerpan's Prayer. I do congratulate you for
      getting away from animal references though. Once again
      you prove the only intelligent, eloquent thought you
      know is what you can plagiarize. Just compare the last
      four quoted lines of your post to the resting of the
      babbling blather.

      Isn't it about time for you to
      head to another company's message board and report
      that you heard a rumor their company is going to take
      over Monsanto?

    • Yes he "botched" the deal and lost shareholder
      value, but you may take some solice in the following
      news item:

      Harvard Business Review is planning
      to review as part of its case studies the recent
      failure of the acqusition of MTC by AHP.
      According to
      sources close to the actual article "doing a Bob" may
      forever be synonymous with mismanagement. eg. CEO's will
      refer to bombed advertising campaigns as "doing a Bob"
      and instead of firing employee for "cause" they will
      be fired for "doing a Bob." Students that fail a
      test will say they "did a Bob".

      This phrase
      will probably move into day to day life as kids who
      break windows...."did a Bob".
      Wives that smashed the
      car will tell their husbands they "did a
      Strange smells coming from the back of crowded car will
      be greeted with..."who did a Bob". And of course the
      father who picks up the newspaper and heads into the
      bathroom will be on his way "to do a Bob".

      bears no balsam for mistakes;
      Men crown the knave,
      and scourge the tool
      That did his will; Thou, O
      Be merciful to me, a fool!"

      BOB! HAH!


    • It is obvious that we do not have the same frame
      of refrence. While I did indeed understand Med_News
      coments I was stating my disagreement with the arguement
      he was using.

      As to stock price going up if
      Bob was sacked, I doubt it, although with the way MTC
      reacts to news items there is no telling. Nor did I ever
      indicate it would. My comments had to do with
      responsiblity, honor, and other old fashion ideas.

      would suggest that we concentrate on the direction of
      the company and less on venting personal attacks upon
      each other.

      Best Wishes

    • <What should be done when stockholder value
      drops 40%? Many a great CEO has been shown the door for
      much less.>

      So, you think the stock price
      would rise if Shapiro resigned? I sorta doubt it

      <As to your personal attack on my understanding of
      the written word>

      I merely pointed out that
      your response was a non-sequitor as Med_News had
      already qualified why 10% wasn't that bad, even though it
      looked poor relative to overall stock market
      performance. Your responsed indicated you did not read it, did
      not comprehend it, or chose to ignore it. I assumed
      you would not knowingly ignore it and pretend it
      didn't exist.

      I apparently was wrong. Though I'm
      flattered that you consider me Presidential material. I
      heard the job has some good side benefits.

    • While Med_news wrote that 10% was not great he
      went on adding a qualifing statement that tried to
      justify it as acceptable.

      What should be done when
      stockholder value drops 40%? Many a great CEO has been shown
      the door for much less.

      As to why Bob is
      responsible, in the words of another great missourian "THE

      As to your personal attack on
      my understanding of the written word. I find such
      low level tactics the province of those who have
      little to say or reside in the White House.

    • I can see how you might have problems as you seem
      to have difficulty with the written word. Med_news

      "And the "real" stock performance, was
      from the December, 1997 number of around $39/40 to the
      current value of $43. While a less than 10% rise is not
      great, it was accomplished while doing major positioning
      for the future with the seed companies."

      replied, "A 10% gain might be great if we were in the
      steel industry or a overall down year."

      question. Which word of "not great, accomplished while
      doing major positioning for the future.." did you not

      You also said, However, I guess I am still old
      fashion to believe that a man should take responsibility
      for his mistakes."

      What do you propose?
      Flagellation? Resignation? A person letter to you? No, I think
      having him work hard to get the stock up to $250 in the
      next five years would be a good enough "punishment"
      for me. However, I an envious that you were privy to
      all the merger action such that you know the merger
      failing was Shapiro's fault... I can think of few others
      who really know what happened.

    • A 10% gain might be great if we were in the steel
      industry or a overall down year.

      But Monsato is
      "life Sciences" pushing the sizzle means that
      expectations are also higher.

      Likewise Bob is the #8
      highest paid CEO in the nation. As such he should be held
      to a high standard. Just like he does his

      However, I guess I am still old fashion to believe that a
      man should take responsibility for his

      Wether you were in favor of the deal or not, Bob decides
      to pursue the merger spent considerable resources on
      it before dropping it. As a result we lost "time"
      the most valuable and irreplaceable


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