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  • sell_monsanto sell_monsanto Jan 15, 1999 3:16 PM Flag



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    • You shouldn't believe everything you read! Your
      post is full of misinformation and false accusations.
      Monsanto is still a great investment and a good company
      which benefits the world more than it takes.

    • Thanks for the article. I see it was proof read
      to journalism standards! I understand your concern
      for those who HOLD the stock, but move on if YOU
      shall see fit to do so.
      This a sluggish period, but
      wait for the quarterly report and the sells of
      Celebrex to help this stock out. Don't assume your panic
      will be wide spread for those of us who have weathered
      that storm already. I intend to hold.
      Thank you for
      your concern.

    • All one has to is start reading this crap to see that this just a bunch of BS. All the information is been rewritten with the authors agenda in mind. As stated above this is pure crap!

    • articles are from October and November of last year. We have already lived through this dilemma.

    • you sell yours so I can have more
      bargains.Celebrex is about to arrive at the drug stores and this
      news will pop this way up .My rheumatologist hasnt
      written any scripts till yesterday and when the sales
      numbers start to show these prices will be history.

    • you and your publication are flaming environmental whakos. please post something current or preferably go elsewhere.

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      • to $38.00 It is suggested that it is because of
        the trial halt.Does anyone remember the last time
        this happened?The drugs in question arent income
        producing and there revenue potential isnt even known and
        so this doesnt affect bottom line.So why the sell
        off only one thing ignorance on what drives the value
        of this multi billion dollar a year company for gosh
        sakes its part of the cost of research.Sometimes you
        suceed sometimes not.Celebrex is just about on the
        pharmacy shelves and this is going to get alot of
        press.These prices will seem cheap then. Thats one mans
        accessment have faith and patience.

    • If that kind of sensationalist crap can change
      your mind about the greatest company of the 21st
      century, then you need to get out! Monsanto and its
      products will help feed the very farmers (and their
      children) who are burning cotton now.

    • Why should we sell MTC if we only read one side
      of the story? If this article is post by a
      well-known media like AP, then it is a different story. This
      article was written by the people who protest against
      Monsanto. I am wondering how trust worthy of all things
      cited in this article.

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      • MTC is trading under $40 after the market close
        (~38.5 to 39)! The drop is because of an after market
        close announcement that MTC has dropped the late stage
        development of the fibans (Orbo- and Xymeno?-). Very
        disappointed with MTC lately! With the much anticipated launch
        of Celebrex, these morons suddenly decided to treat
        us with a series of bad news - auctioning off part
        of Kelco (sounds desperate), the death of the
        fibans, and what next?? I am considering to get out of
        this dog while I still can. Maybe a takeover ploy by
        DD or others is not such a bad thing for
        shareholders. Tuesday will be an interesting day for this

    • The information on the IGC site was quite useful.
      Not the garbage and disinformation about Monsanto in
      India and everything else Monsanto. No, what is useful
      is the "member directory" the IGC has listed on its

      I donate a fair amount of charitable cash
      contributions every year to worthwhile causes. I now know which
      organizations to cross-off my list as radical, unreasonable,
      and purveryors of junk science and disinformation.
      Organizations which wish to either sponsor and/or participate
      in disinformation campaigns will never see my

      Thanks again!