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  • toppchimp2010 toppchimp2010 Apr 1, 2010 5:18 PM Flag

    I'm Still Waiting

    I'm still waiting for an explanation as to how Edward/sonofzooloo88 can possibly claim he has "destroyed and crushed me".

    He didn't make me or anyone I know, drive across Houston to put a t-shirt in front of a web cam.

    He hasn't shut down my web sites, which proves who they are, Edward Sylvestri and Martin Boyle. It has their photos, and photo of the trailer they live in.

    He hasn't done what he said he would, have Yahoo's "new technology" ensure I cannot use Yahoo Finance boards.

    He hasn't been able to sustain his false claims of making money, because he has yet to show a scan of his brokerage statement.

    He hasn't been able to make his incorrect predictions without being called on them, shown they were wrong.

    He was forced to have his wvvwvv alias, which Marty uses mostly be he does as well, to change the location and gender from "female/Montreal" to his other false location and gender,to male/Houston.

    His aliases are exposed on a daily basis,so there is no confusion over who he is, and a service to those who just want him on ignore, as much as they can.

    He recently lost both his "martinlovesfood" and "imbuckwheat"
    aliases, he had to replace them with martinlovesfood3 and

    In synopsis, many of his games and schemes have been defused, he has been distracted from his primary game of bashing IVAN, and has had his focus changed to defending himself, though that has been a failure as well.

    That doesn't sound at all like he has "crushed and destroyed" me.

    Donald Moore

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