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  • daveo7997 daveo7997 Sep 28, 2010 10:39 AM Flag

    Whats behind the currrent drive?

    Could it be the possiable gas find in china and maybe some oil in mongolia, along with ivn mines rise and new find. RF is in them all and it doesn't look like ivan will have a problem financeing projects down the road?

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    • I would speculate that it is because of the quarter end, there is a tendency to bring in sales and contracts before the quarter end and people may be hoping for such, also it may just be following the entire market up, just as it did on the way down IMHO.

    • I could be wrong (and hope I am), but I think mainly trigger happy, poorly informed investors are behind this rise. IVAN jumped at just the time news came out about Ivanhoe Mines find. We have seen this before. Certain investors rush to buy on the news and accidentally buy IVAN instead of IVN.

      I sold a little at $2.07 and plan to re-buy lower when people realize their mistake and it drifts back down, if I'm right. If I'm wrong... won't be the first time.

    • Yesterday ivan traded 708,654 shares by 11:10, and already 1.1mil with 30min to go.NICE!

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      • My 2 cents believes IVAN has been floating along under the radar for far too long and is virtually unknown. The IVN Mines story has brought IVAN a bit more into the light. As well, there surely is news at hand. Those of us who've been here for years accumulating have built up huge holdings in IVAN. Personally, I see surpassing $4.00 by year-end or sooner and double that within a year. Upside has no limit... downside risk minimal. Anyone getting in at these levels cannot lose. RF is biggest shareholder of IVAN and will not cash out until $20 plus. Takeover would be very difficult to pull off. RF is proving to be a money tree for IVN longs just as we have said for years. RF will be with IVAN all the way. Partnership is not necessary. Tamarac can finance itself, once Mongolia spews light oil next year. Ecuador is still out there but will only be a side show. China gas, Mongolia oil and Tamarac will be the main plays. May be surprised with some new initiative any day as well.

      • rod4184 Sep 28, 2010 10:52 AM Flag

        I don't believe this is just Sunwing. Partner speculation would be more logical. We are going to creep back up to $4. Anyone know if this is institutional buying. That would indicate more possibly leaking information.

      • optionsguru Sep 28, 2010 10:48 AM Flag

        yep, hopefully we hear some good news soon...

    • optionsguru Sep 28, 2010 10:41 AM Flag

      if you have seen ivn lately, it could be some of that thinking of whatever friedland touches turns to gold...ivn is soaring.

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