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  • i_am_buggie i_am_buggie Aug 20, 2012 11:55 AM Flag

    Where's Zootroll, Charlie Sheen's Biggest Fan?


    Why do I think Zoo Troll is Charlies Sheen's Biggest fan?

    Because only Zoo Troll and Charlie Sheen seem to think they are winning when they are losing according to the majority of observers.

    Zoo Troll lies and tries to cover up his lies with more lies. gets caught, yet he thinks he's winning.

    Charlie Sheen thinks he was winning when the whole country was laughing at him saying incoherent things on TV interviews, due to his cocaine addiction.

    This whole board thinks Zoo Troll is a laughing stock.

    Charlie Sheen is a laughing stock.

    Zoo Troll thinks he's winning even though all his sonofzooloo88 messages were deleted due to TOS violations, and being an idiot.

    Charlie Sheen thought he was "winning" when he was fired from one of the top rated TV shows in the country for being an idiot.

    Charlie Sheen was given another TV show by someone who knew people would watch him, even though he's an idiot. It's a good bet because the world has no shortage of idiots. To Sheen, being exploited as long as he gets paid, is winning.

    Zoo Troll just gets another alias when one of his gets zapped, and he thinks it's winning, that he has yet another way to enable to act as an idiot. To him, that's winning.

    Charlie Sheen may just look like he's winning, if you're so narrow minded as to look at a spoiled child in a man's body addicted to cocaine as a winner, just because he's paid well.

    This is where the similarities between Zoo Troll and his hero stops: Zoo Troll is a known liar, who can't possibly be making money in the markets.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • buggie_boy888 Aug 21, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

      Your obvious lie that you only have sonofzooloo88 as an alias.

      You have never worked offshore.

      You don't know who or which Zooloodestroyer you are talking to.

      Only one of us is really Jewish. That means you are wrong five out of six times.

      We enjoy being here and especially love those meltdowns you have.

      Oh, but we are sorry for the loss of all your thousands of sonofzooloo88 messages. All that work down the sewer.

      But hey, look at it this way: they would have been worthless anyway. After all, you have succeded in getting that alias placed on all the regular's iggy lists. It's why you get more goose eggs.


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