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  • keith6485 keith6485 Aug 16, 2013 1:28 PM Flag

    IVAN will make a nice move up.

    Look for trading to be halted soon in IVAN. There is a meeting coming up with the board of Gran Tierra Energy Inc. and Ivanhoe Energy. GTE has a market cap of about $1.8 Billion and IVAN has a market cap of about $78 Million.

    If the officers of IVAN are serious about taking this company to the next level they will strongly consider the offer that will be presented to them from GTE. If it does go through this will be VERY BIG NEWS for both companies as well as shareholders of both companies.

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    • Why I not believe you. Everything you say sound like donald moore.

    • Hope you are right about this one.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Very interesting Keith.....IVAN has stated that:
      * in discussions with two potential partners for TM....both of which are looking for a presence in Canada.....GTE fits this profile as no current operations in Canada even though HQ located in Alberta with operations in several LA countries and run by ex. ENCANA executives....similar to IVAN originally as run by ex. OCCIDENTAL execs. Further, TM has been shown to be below the threshold of Canada strategic resource scrutiny because of the size of the resource....but I have been told that is not the reason for the below the threshold in their is because their potential partners are not SOCs.....again...fits GTE. Two potentials are from past connections of Carlos' network.....could be from Canada or LA and fits. Also, do not forget IVAN has said about TM potential partners also interested in rolling out HTL regionally.....again fits GTE profile. Recent run of material through the cooker was for a LA regional player....and they do have a HO problem in one of their block as oil about 13 API in block 95, pipeline capacity constraints, linking to EC pipeline.
      Keith.....where did you get the info of a meeting? You may have fingered one of the possible JVPs. I do not see this as a BO.....insiders (RF) owns too many shares along with aligned interests and they will also need my shares which they will need to pry them from my cold dead hands.
      Other points of interest.....GV spoke of a meeting in EC next you know this? I do expect an announcement after new oil minister is brought up to speed....and will be for approval of partner but equally as important the whole development plan of the block. I do expect a China NOC to be named....possibly the same one as the Pacifica project of $12B refinery recently announced.....China is strategic in looking at vertical integration to secure oil availability. And Argentina connection too, with all of their HO. Just get er done already.......

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      • China's CNPC expects Ecuador refinery, exploration deal by end 2013


        BEIJING - CNPC expects to firm up a draft pact by end 2013 to join a major refinery project in Ecuador and expand its oil exploration efforts there, CNPC said.

        CNPC Chairman Zhou Jiping had signed a framework agreement with Ecuador's Coordinating Minister for Strategic Sectors and Petroecuador's President, under which CNPC "will take a share in the construction of the Pacific Refinery project and participate in the exploration and development of Ecuador's upstream resources."

        Further negotiations will be carried out on the basis of the agreement, and the cooperation contract is expected to be signed within the year, CNPC said in a statement on its website. It didn't give details of its planned equity state or upstream expansion.

        CNPC, which produces more oil and gas than any other Chinese company, already owns four oil and gas blocks in Ecuador.

        In January, Ecuador's Coordinating Minister for Strategic Sectors Rafael Poveda told Dow Jones Newswires that talks were under way for CNPC to take a 30% stake in the 300 Mbpd Refineria del Pacifico project, in which Petroecuador owns 51% and Petroleos de Venezuela the rest.

        If an agreement with CNPC is reached, 30% of the funds needed to build the refinery will come from the three partners. The rest will be financed by a group of Chinese banks headed by the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, Poveda said at the time.

        China has become the largest source of financing for the Andean country since Ecuador defaulted on its global bonds in 2008.

        Ecuador produces just over 500 Mbopd and hopes to expand this to 525 Mbopd by the end of the year.

        Dow Jones Newswires

        Note the part of upstream opportunities for CNPC in EC:

      • sorry thought you said GE

      • if GE has a presence you can be sure CNBC will be mentioning it.. that would upset Cramer.. lol.. since he has hated IVAN for 10 years... and unfortunately has been right... even though he is a cartoon..

    • HTL deal ?

    • A few points. First this person's ID starts with today. Second the Ivanhoe has never said it was in discussion about a take over, it would have to reveal that if such talks even started. Third GTE has operations in Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Columbia, not Canada. People think it makes sense GTE buy Ivanhoe, it does not.

      So someone explain the logic of why GTE would buy Ivanhoe?

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      • Imo, that is HTL, Columbia is rising and pipeline capacity is very important as they plan 60%
        production increase. HTL would give them much freedom. Someone was planning that for the last few years, imo. Fwiw:;range=5y;compare=gte;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;

      • One other thing, because it is important. Of course Ivan has never said it was in discussion about any takeover ... that information is never disclosed ... it is leaked. Note: You have never heard or read about the extent of the difficulty Ivan is having with the Suncor SOC either.

      • The reasons seem obvious. Due to an extremely low stock price and dwindling cash, Ivanhoe is a clear takeout candidate on the basis of oil in the ground alone. Add to that the potential interest in Ecuadorian oil development in South America, where GTE already operates. Add to that possible interest in HTL. And finally, add the idea that GTE is looking for growth potential. All of these things represent compelling reasons for GTE to be looking at Ivan. By the way, I have no problem with first time posters ... esp. one that is probably posting because he came upon some Ivan info. It's most of the regular posters that are the problem here.

      • Also they are building that pipline into ecuador but not saying I believe theres going to be a partnership but who knows at this point I feel something will come and now is a good time to be in.

      • I dont believe he said a "takeover" but "taking this company to the next level" however I agree about first post as I seen that aswell.

    • Better do it quick before Buffet and Pickens start snatching IVAN like they are Suncor

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • My guess is that IVAN management will only entertain selling if the price is above $6-7/share.
      With an HTL deal signed, the price just goes up...

    • I just did a quick study of Calgary-based GTE and can think of a zillion reasons they may want to add Ivanhoe's assets to theirs ... With about 275M shares outstanding, it would be no problem for them to add another 60 million shares by offering Ivan one share of their stock for two of Ivan's, which would give Ivan shareholders a return of about $3.30 per share. Works for me ... and probably nobody else.

    • Did you see that in print or in a crystal ball?

    • If next week's talks in Ecuador gain traction, I expect trading to reflect that. Perhaps it may start a week after...

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