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  • bandit_sam_jewel bandit_sam_jewel Dec 26, 1997 11:09 AM Flag

    FDA approval of new PTCA catheter!

    Any comments as to the potential of this catheter? How will it be received in the market? Does it meet any unmet needs? Are there any negatives that were not mentioned in the press release?

    Bard Receives Approval For The Revolutionary New TELESCOPE Angioplasty Catheter

    MURRAY HILL, NJ--(BUSINESS WIRE)--December 23, 1997--C.R. Bard, Inc. (NYSE-BCR) today announced it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance to market the revolutionary new TELESCOPE(TM) Single Operator over-the-wire balloon catheter.

    The TELESCOPE balloon catheter is the first fully interchangeable, single operator angioplasty device to combine over-the-wire performance with a standard length guidewire. This technologically superior TELESCOPE catheter revolutionizes PTCA catheter shaft design by providing the interventional cardiologist with a totally new level of flexibility and versatility.

    As its name suggests, the unique shaft of the TELESCOPE catheter is constructed from telescoping segments, allowing the
    physician to swiftly and easily shorten or lengthen the catheter according to the requirements of the procedure. In addition, the
    TELESCOPE catheter offers a patented anti-backbleed and wirelock system which minimizes blood loss during the PTCA procedure. The
    TELESCOPE catheter also features Bard's unique patented Rely(R) balloon material which is widely recognized for its superior
    performance during difficult multi-lesion cases.

    ``Since our pioneering work in balloon angioplasty in the 1970s, our research engineers have continually strived to provide the interventional cardiologist with new and innovative devices to treat coronary artery disease. Now they have reached a new level of achievement with the TELESCOPE catheter system,'' commented William H. Longfield, Bard's chairman and chief executive officer.

    ``This unique catheter provides not only flexibility and ease of use, but also the potential to substantially reduce the
    balloons required and cost per procedure.'' Bard plans to launch the TELESCOPE catheter in the U.S. market in early 1998, where
    several patents currently limit the cardiologists' choice in single operator systems. Bard will continue to supply its markets
    outside the U.S. with its latest generations of over-the-wire and rapid exchange catheters. The TELESCOPE will eventually be
    launched worldwide when production volumes permit.

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    • In all fairness to USCI, the market will be the judge of whether this has any merit. On the other hand, if you ask me, I think it sounds like something that should be entered in the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest, at Purdue University. That's about the only recognition that it is likely to win. Translation, I think it will fall on its face!

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      • Don't be so quick to give the Rube Goldberg award to BSCR's Telescoping balloon, bandit_sam_jewel. It seems to me that the "bifurcated stent" may offer some pretty heavy competition.

        I was amused when I read the press release for both of these products. If you did not know the interventionla cardiology
        market, you'd be led to beleive that BCR is a "technological leader" and looked at by its peers as having a major impact on the
        market. For those that are not in tune to this market segment, BCR is not even an also-ran. While this market segment is highly
        competitive, review the message boards for JNJ, GDT, BSX, AVEI, CCVD, MDT, USS, etc., and see how many times they are even mentioned.

        To put out a press release with this kind of window dressing to me is a red herring, at best, and constitutes gross misrepresentation by BCR.

    • >The TELESCOPE catheter also features Bard's unique patented Rely(R) balloon material which is widely recognized for its superior performance during difficult multi-lesion cases.<

      Will this catheter be able to be used as a single-operator stent deployment system? Is the Rely balloon material capable of achieving high pressures?

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