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  • AntiochAndy AntiochAndy May 23, 1998 5:42 PM Flag

    Interested party

    I have read with great interest some of the
    recent postings on this board. I've never worked for BCR
    but have been a stockholder since 1975. A long-term
    observer, you might say.

    For years, BCR was a great
    company to own stock in. Innovative, with steadily rising
    sales, earnings, dividends, and stock price, with
    frequent stock splits. BCR was actually the first to
    develop angioplasty cateters and bring them to market,
    and the company thrived on that business for several
    years. I got into the dividend reinvestment program when
    it started and gradually built up a sizable position
    -- it was my largest and I sent a little money
    almost every month to keep adding to it.

    apparently, all the corporate success wasn't enough. The
    company had the leading position in angioplasty catheters
    but got into trouble with the government (justifiably
    so) for selling new designs without prior FDA
    approval. Enjoined for some time from selling the caths in
    the US, the company lost its market share and
    foundered. Management was ousted along the way (as it
    deserved), but the current have never gotten the company
    back on track. And, they recently altered the dividend
    reinvestment plan so that it is much less friendly to existing
    stockholders, as a result of which I have withdrawn from the
    plan altogether. BCR is no longer my largest

    Now I'm reading that management is poor and employee
    morale is down. No surprise, I guess. Is the Board
    asleep? Count me in as a disgrunted BCR investor at this
    point. I called the company and let them know what I
    thought about changes to the reinvestment plan, all to no
    avail, of course. If this is how they focus on
    stockholders, I'd hate to see what would happen if they decided
    not to care. Is there any chance of this company
    getting its act together, again? Should we hope for a
    buyout? Or is it time (or past time) to just get out and
    move on?
    I'm looking forward to seeing more from
    interested parties.

    Catch you all later...

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    • does anyone have any information on FDA dates (applications or otherwise) for the XT stent?

    • source is industry expert; should hear more in next 30; also sounds like big changes after transaction takes place. not much of a premium on price as bard isn't the gold mine it once was!

    • but I'd like to know more. Does this person work for BCR or TYC?
      Is this person an industry expert, an analyst, or what? Give us some idea where you're coming from.


    • my source has been batting .750 over the past 3 years. what do you think of that?!?!?

    • bad as all this sounds I find myself
      laughing....I mean, all your feedback is so completely sound like you used to work for Bard and left the also sound like you are well informed....I'm not
      necessarily disagreeing with you, okay? But please tell me
      something positive.....and do you think you are being
      totally fair when you look at the other companies like
      Bard....maybe they have made some errors in the past, but I
      believe Bard is trying to move forward....I believe that
      they are in a growth mode...infact I think from a
      competitive standpoint we are going to see some very
      interesting things with the entrance of TYCO....I definitely
      think Bard is a good company with a lot of areas to I being overly optimistic, maybe....but I really
      don't think so...we can only wait and see...also, it
      will be interesting to see what happens when TYCO buys

    • The last acquition Bard made in cardiology was
      Pilot Cardiovascular which Paul LaViolette (now a big
      cheese at BSX)pushed for and eventually got at $35MM.
      Bard could never make the product and the company was
      folded. Great Acquition. Right

      I get real nervous
      when BARD wants to acquire anything.

    • Well the opportunity is small and the price is
      high. They screwed up the cardiology market, the
      cardiovascular surgery market, the radiology market and it is
      entirely possible they will kill the urology market.

      Look at their record over the last 5 years.
      Unpredictable earnings growth and a succession of CEO's,
      presidents from within.

      What a joke of a company.

    • RIGHT ON MAN!!!!

      I find it almost
      hilarious how negative people on board are about Bard....oh
      well...BUD just bought Endomatrix and it will be interesting
      to see what happens to this new product...I am sure
      people within Bard know the deal....and I think, and
      hope, that things are going to get quite a bit
      better.....we shall see!!

    • Yes, yes, you are partly right.....Terminaldog
      is....well you know how I feel...yes, I am sure BSX will
      acquire Schneider very certainly makes
      sense....but honestly, I am not throwing out tactics....I just
      like to know what these companies are up to since I'm
      in the business and I find it all very interesting!
      Geeks are great unless they act overly

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