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  • greeeeene greeeeene Jul 16, 1998 4:33 PM Flag

    up again

    The stock is up big again today. Any word on the
    street as to why. Please, no responses from the clowns
    who feel the need to quote Frank Zappa or do an
    analysis of every word that the other prick decides to
    write in response to his quotes. Get each others e-mail
    address and stroke each other somewhere else. We do not
    need to see your sick gay love affair with each other
    on this page. I'm sure I am not the only one who
    hates reading those stupid messages, so please screw.

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    • Hey B R and u know who u are. If u spent half as much time selling what you were supposed to be instead of playing on this thing, who knows maybe AVE would cut you a break

    • Actually tigger, pooh bear, and eeyore all sold
      at 36.5 . Pooh Bear only dumped about 35% of his
      holdings and held the rest.

      I've got a friend that
      left the company a year ago, who still holds his 401k
      shares (already sold his options). Anyway he is getting
      very nervous about holding it any longer. He keeps
      calling me and asking me what I think? I understand his
      dilemma because he is from the old school and remembers
      the days 24 - 26 dollars a share. All I do is tell
      him whats going on and hope he decides the best for

    • Monsieur LeDorque,

      My only conjecture
      concerning the recent stratospheric performance of BCR's
      stock (re: 41.5) is that the recent positive posts on
      this board must have piqued potential investor
      interest. It's sure better than doom and gloom.

      the way I know some guys who sold around 36.5 when
      they thought that it wouldn't get any better. I bet
      that they're kicking themselves now. Of course, no one
      knows what the future may hold.


    • Hey Jav...

      I agree...Access has some good
      people and good future ahead if they manage themselves

      My question is...41 1/2 ???? How'd BCR get there
      from where they were ? Selling cardio...OK. Selling
      neonatal...OK. Got any other news that would explain

      BTW, know anyone stupid enough to have sold at 36.5

      Le Dorque

    • I guess that I did raise my hackles over comments
      about Davol carrying the "slacker" divisions, and you
      are correct about Brian Kelly starting at

      I simply took offense over the remark that made
      Davol seem like the only division doing anything. Sure,
      we are trying to improve at Access Systems. We're
      not perfect, but I have to say that this is the best
      job I have ever had. That's not to say I wouldn't
      move for a better opportunity though.

      I have to
      agree with your comment about there being good people
      at every level in all divisions. Everyone I have
      dealt with outside Access Systems has been great. I
      also think that there is great potential in Bard's

      I guess I didn't like some of the attitudes
      floating around on this board that seem to be coming from
      other Bard employees.

      That's it for me. I'll try
      to fade back into the woodwork now. Chin up. Pip
      pip. And all of that rot.


    • Hope I didn't ruffle any feathers. It sounds like
      I might have.

      It is good to hear that Bard
      Access systems is doing well. I have kind of a
      "closeness" to Access as I have been at Davol since the time
      when Access was born there. Yes, a good portion of
      Access came from the Cathtech acquisition, but the
      franchise was born at Davol (including the acquisition
      Evermed in Kirkland Washington) and spun off into the
      highly successful division it is. But that is old news
      and not particularly relevant to today's

      By the way, I believe Brian Kelly actually got his
      start at Bard with Davol as a sales rep. It just goes
      to show that there are good people in all bard
      divisions, in all levels of the organization, who have the
      wherewithal to make this an even greater company than it
      already is. (Company pride showing through?)

    • Kurt, quit being fixated.


    • Kurt. The rest of us had put that topic to rest. WTF is your problem?

    • Bravo Mr / Miss Greeeeeeeeeene

      HELLO.......McFly........Why haven't you gone to the C.R.Bard website and read the 1998 quarterly reports yet? Whats wrong with you anyway George?????

    • Get real. I don't think that our competitors have
      learned much from people saying "we are doing well" at a
      particular division. Maybe if someone mentioned a new
      product you would have a point. That would probably never
      happen since Bard never makes new products. They just
      put a new bell or whistle on an old product and call
      it high tech. If you really want to stop the talk
      about Bard just use the word gay in a sentence and the
      board will shift away as it did the last two weeks.

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