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  • dorkyTuesday dorkyTuesday Aug 7, 1998 11:37 AM Flag

    Wow !!!

    Look at that...we stop talking about sexual
    stuff, and everyone shuts up. Let me guess...only guys
    visit this board right ?

    Well, here we are after
    the "correction" and BAS is still doing swimmingly.
    Anyone know what sectors have taken the brunt of the
    drop ?

    Incidently, since I began following the
    markets, I find it interesting that good news is never
    perceived as being all that good, and a little bad news is
    perceived as disaster. Says a lot about human nature and
    the fact that there is only so much logic driving the
    markets...most of it, at least for the big (i.e. institutional)
    traders, is fear, loathing, panic, and the frustration of
    not having sex the night before (no offense intended
    to either those who have had sex recently or to
    those that are either neuter, wish they were or, to
    their own dismay act like they are).

    Dorky dorky conscience is cleared !!!

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    • i hope hal and zarra don't pay any attention to
      this and the few other abusive comments i read
      recently. i for one look forward to finding their
      interesting responses on this board. it's one of the few
      reasons i return to this board. i think there is room on
      this board for a little wit to accompany the serious
      investor looking for insight about bard. not that i've
      seen alot of that (insight). i don't recall anyone
      calling the ave takeover until they were practicaly in
      the facilities already telling the bard employees
      what a great company they are.
      hal/zarra i don't
      care if you are one person or not. don't go away.

    • AVE does not have a clue as to the difficulties
      in merging two companies much less the margins with
      DX products versus stents. I predict within 6-9
      months they will either discontinue selling DX products,
      sell it off, or be bought themselves.

    • Nice reply. Cogent and persuasive. Thanks.

    • AVE is to late to the game. Stent prices are
      coming down and what ever money that is to be made in
      the interventional cardiology market is going to be
      had by those that already have a full bag of
      products, ie. SciMed, ACS, Cordis (maybe). Also there are
      several more stents that will be on the market in the
      next six to twelve months.

      Another fact is that
      AVE grew dramaticlly because of perfect market timing
      with the right product. BUt from here on out it will
      be trench warfare.

      It is rumored that the
      present AVE reps are not willing to sell the DX product
      lines, etc. They want to stay dedicated to the "more
      challenging" stent market. (Actually they all know that DX
      sales, etc, is grunt work, very competitive market. You
      actually have to work to sell Diagnostics.) I think these
      folks are in for a tough time. The Stent market is
      quickly growing fiercly competitive and it will require
      AVE to bundle with products that are not tested and
      known by the market place.

      Also AVE went from
      nothing to a $Billion company. It is a great deal to
      manage. More than one can imagine. It may be a great time
      to short AVE, maybe early '99 when things really
      heat up.

    • I pwan on ignowing them in the future. You
      should, too.Especiawy considewing that THEY ARE THE SAME
      PERSON!!!Wook at the times of Weply. They are usuawy within 20
      minutes of each other. Far too much of a coincidence.
      Whoever, he weawy is, he just can't wait to pway with
      himsewf and that has tipped his hand.'nuff said.The
      Former where is that
      wascawwy wabbit.

    • Folks,

      I plan on ignoring them in the
      future. You should, too.

      Especially considering

      Look at the
      times of reply. They are usually within 20 minutes of
      each other. Far too much of a coincidence. Whoever, he
      really is, he just can't wait to play with himself and
      that has tipped his hand.


      The Former One

    • IMAKANGA2,

      "Does anyone realise what a
      giant mess AVE are going to make of the Bard Cardiology

      Why do you think that they will make a mess of the
      purchase? My company competes with AVE (or, at lease WE
      think we do, they probably don't know we exist) and
      have found them to be ferocious competitors. I
      recently had a conversation with a Scimed person and he
      agreed that AVE and Guidant are what keep him up at
      night (Cordis is not even on their radar

      AVE used incredible focus and good technology to
      DESTROY everyone in their path. I really am interested in
      knowing why you think they won't make a go of it. Is it
      due to structural problems with the divisions they
      are inheriting or a lack of ability on AVE's


      The Former One.

    • No Mas, no mas.

    • Tigger:

      Please, no. We never know what will happen after that.


    • Chris

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