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  • greengator_2000 greengator_2000 Jun 13, 2006 12:13 PM Flag

    Gold down more than $30 an ounce!!

    Lookout below!!

    Goldbugs getting massacred!!!

    Copper down almost 5%. You were all warned...

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    • nor to good ..

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • canine15 Apr 22, 2012 1:48 PM Flag

      Gold is money. "Real money"

      Do you understand money?

      Apparently not.

      Gold rose 2400 percent in the decade of the 1970's.

      Do you know how and why gold's value dropped?

      The entity that controls our money supply (The Fed) restricted liquidity via interest rate hikes to double-digits.

      C.D.'s and mortgage rates were around 15 percent or more in the early 1980's.

      That is how you drive the value of gold and other commodites down.

      Why doesn't the Fed do that today?

      The answer is quite simple.

      Back when Carter was President and then Reagan America was the only super-power in the world.

      America was the greatest creditor and manufacturing nation in the world.

      We could afford to raise rates and intentionaly put us in recession as the antidote for high inlfation.

      Today, just a few short decades later we have done a complete 180.

      Today Amerika is the greatest debtor nation with the trade profile of a 19th century third world colony.

      That unfortunately is no exaggeration.

      We are in recession with negative 'real' interest rates!

      We are locked in ZIRP with continued quantitative easing our only method of prolonging our facade of a world power.

      That and wars unpaid for and with the wealthy getting tax cuts.

      Are we serious?

      What we are witnessing today is another empire in the advanced stages of cancer.

      Think Rome about 475 A.D.

      Enjoy your wine and flat screen T.V. and disregard all that I've said because we are at the point of terminal illness.

    • On 25-Aug-05 Gold was at $437 an ounce.
      15 trading days later Gold was up 4.85%.
      16-Sep-05 Gold was $458.20 an ounce.

      25-Aug-05 BVN was at $24= $11.15 split adj.
      15 trading days later BVN was up 33.33%.
      16-Sep-05 BVN hit $32=$14.88 split adj.

      Now are you still so sure of your rantings from five years ago? "but "hawkish" comments this last week from Bernanke and several Fed Governors would seem to indicate that the FED is ready to keep raising rates until core inflation comes down to their target range. Do not be surprised if FED Funds is sitting at 6% by the middle of the fourth quarter of this year if core inflation does not come down."
      From a BVN price I had told you six years ago, was cheap just $8.83 split adj. to $42.50 days ago. The dividend you laughed at is now higher than you could get at most banks on a 5 yr CD.

      On 10-Aug-11 Gold was at $1795 an ounce.
      Less than six years later Gold is up 311%



    • browngator, you could have bought the iShares Silver Trust under $9.7 that day. Today it's over $30.

    • You helped me make money when gold was under $600. Today it's above $1275.{;<)

    • greengator_2000.... 8-Feb-07 12:16 pm


      The same dope I exposed nearly a year ago with his blatant pumping of BVN and his loony rants about a gold, silver, and copper stock tied not to the U.S. dollar should be over $70 a share! He then said that BVN would be $81.55 a share today if it had GG's PE. This guy is a real loser and a hardcore pumper who needs to be placed on ignore...

      Sentiment : Sell"

      Sorry I was wrong. BVN made it to $85.78. Too bad you didn't buy browngator.

    • Nelson:

      Looks like you're down another 13 Grand today on those 2,000 shares of yours.


    • Well Nelson, the price of gold is down another $17 bucks in after hours trading. You keep hoping and dreaming OK.


    • Wow he must have lost a ton of cash!

    • Chasing charts has nothing to do with an understanding of the economy. You are about to be served with a very harsh lesson on that fact.

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