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  • lpe1108 Sep 12, 2013 10:39 AM Flag


    Is there anybody out here that are chart readers? Looking at the weekly.. wow... looks amazing. Base consolidated with VERY LOW volume after 2 week May run... 16 weeks of very low volume with minimal price swings. The fundamentals of this company is amazing.. well, within the past two quarters at least. The new Miami location has really helped revenue growth. Even without that new restaurant, organically, revenue has gone up 3-4% consistently within the past 2 quarters. It seems the increase in menu prices isn't affecting consumers at all... good sign? I haven't bought in just yet... but looking at the chart and volume, this could be the perfect buy point.... thoughts?

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    • I don't see any technicians rushing in to respond to your post. I hope that the only technician who follows this stock isn't the one who paid $13.98 per share on May 21. That was probably a short who was covering in a big panic. And the big gain for this stock in May was primarily a result of the increased publicity following a BLOW OUT Q2 earnings report.

      I'm not sure that technical analysis applies well for such a thinly-traded stock. I lean more to the Ben Graham approach of finding a stock that is undervalued based on various fundamental indicators: P/E, Book Value, Operating Cash Flow, etc. as compared to other companies in the same industry. BDL is still way undervalued.

      I expect that for the fiscal fourth quarter (which is seasonally weaker for BDL), it will generate earning per share of $0.27 up by 50% from the $0.18 last year. This report will not be out until around Christmas.

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      • As I've said before ..... Like the Godfather before him, Big 'ole Joe continues to pull the strings from above. Neither the coming of the charts, nor the technicians, that 'Big Independent Holder', more locations, "good food", etc. is ever going to change the fact that this is a private company with a public ticker symbol that never will go anywhere as long as the Flanigan family is in control. So unless you like watching paint dry .....

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      • I am going to suggest that whoever paid $13.98/share was simply placing a market order and got jammed up by the market maker.

        I NEVER place market orders, especially on thinly traded stocks.

      • lpe1108 Sep 18, 2013 6:29 PM Flag

        Appreciate the response. I just noticed the chart a couple weeks back, and found it interesting (in technical aspect). Q3 had great earnings as well, failed breakout, but prices have swung lower since then (again, the chartist in me is coming out). I was just wondering if anyone was seeing what I was seeing. Since I had no response, I was beginning to think I was on the right track! lol jk... kinda. It seems like investors, regardless of these monster comparisons they've had since Q2, are still unsure about this company... very interesting..

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