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  • indianhun indianhun Feb 3, 2011 5:13 PM Flag

    Why down?

    I thought it was a good news... why is this trading down?

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    • You no longer have any valid points to make which is why you resort to name calling and insults. You ignore the significance of volume and place ignorance on a alter that you worship.

      The market is clearly sending a message. This is dead money waiting for FDA. Chances of approval are slim or none.

      The price of the stock will slap your arrogant face before long.

      bite me

    • Hey southern, Almost a million dollars traded in that stock today! Does that huge amount float your boat?

      Keep clinging to your dream.

      bite me.

    • How much have you made on it so far? Not much. It is a sick stock with little chance, if any, of approval.

      Go ahead and insult me. The tape is telling you something. Dream on.

      bite me.

    • Frustrated? The stock is down 7 cents today...who gives a s--t???

      If the stock went to $5 it would only cause me to buy more. I want to see it go down, it deprives the idiots (such as yourself) of upside in the end.

      It may be toward the end of the year before the market starts anticipating approval. No one will be able to call the bottom.

      Hey dunderhead, why don't you check the horoscopes and come back and tell me where the bottom is.

    • Are you getting frustrated? It looks like the market doesn't share your point of view. Perhaps you should find out why.

      You can insult me all you want. It doesn't change the pathetic investment you made. Where are all the positive investors? You blew it.

      bite me.

    • You may be the absolute dumbest individual I have ever come across on one of these message boards.

      Are you retarded or maybe 11 years old? "bite me"???

      What kind of a moron are you?

      They didn't approve the drug, period. They asked for more data. It happens daily in this business. If there was no hope for approval ALIM would be now trading for cash value or around a few dollars per share.

      Go away you stupid S--t...I cannot believe I have wasted some moment of my life communicating with such a dunce.

    • The key word is "if". The drug wasn't approved.
      I will let the price of the stock do my talking for me. Enjoy the wait.

      bite me.

    • They got a CRL because the FDA asked to look at the 36 month data. They wanted to confirm the continuing low incidence of IOP required surgical interventions and no other safety profile issues.

      If the drug were approved ALIM would be at 30 now instead of 9. Investors will now have to wait...simple as that.

      In the meantime people will get disgusted and will throw in the towel creating further buying opportunity. The low volume and lack of interest will confirm for moronic chart watchers and tarot card readers that the drug is a failure.

      Thanks mr rocket scientist. People like you make this much easier.

      btw, why don't you try reading the information or do you limit your reading to message boards. That would explain a lot.

    • Because approval is months away and looking more doubtful every day. Investors are getting bored with a stock that has produced no gains.

      bite me.

      • 2 Replies to kendolldownthere
      • You are a f-ing babbling idiot bro. Give me your completely idiotic explanation again as to why volume is telling you that this tiny little company will not get their drug approved.

        The primary reason for my net worth is exploiting undervalued situations that are created by idiots like you who alway buy and sell for the wrong reason.

        This is an important therapy for an indication that has no therapy. The people with this condition are GOING BLIND. Which fyi, is a serious matter. The company produced siginficant results in their clinical trials and exceeded the FDA's requirements. There is no safety issues with the exception of cataracts which is a minor issue.

        I think the FDA approves it and PDQ. You can sit on the sidelines and watch.

    • Because it isn't good news. It is bad news. Why do you think FDA rejected it in the first place? The data and the safety factors weren't good enough and the 36 month data has not improved enough to warrant an approval. It is all over. Believe what you want, but the tape is telling you something.

      A CRL is a death warrant. The ship hit the iceberg once. Do you want to sail into it again? Run for cover.

      bite me.

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