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  • macrocosmonaut macrocosmonaut Feb 8, 2011 2:13 PM Flag

    ALIM - no future - other therapeutics has more future...

    ALIM is in a difficult situation - the copany is further a lot of cash and is not generating any kind of revenue.

    The Iluvien system is not biodegredable - the study data are excluding the cataract surgery effect. The selected patient population is not representativ in order to reproduce valid study results.

    ALIM needs further trials in order to exclude the cataract surgery effect in the trials, which are presumably are responsible for the trial results from my point of view.

    Further other therapeutics are available: Ozurdex - a biodegredable system

    Lucentis is now even be used for treatment of DME.

    In this background there is not much future to Iluvien from my point of view.

    ALIM is able to go bankrup, if they are not able to generate cash flow this year.

    The intrinsic stock holders equity is further dropping as a result of cash burning.

    Do your own due dilligence.


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    • If they need further trials, why did the FDA issue a CRL that does not require further trials instead of one that does require them? Or they could have issued a rejection and a requirement for further trials.

      You seem quite poorly informed, indeed.


    • Congratulations on your success, but you take the analogy too far. Yes, a small pharma company may succeed on one drug and insiders as well as investors make money. I am not basing my view of ALIM or PSDV on the current price alone. It is based on 27 years of experience working for Wall Street firms plus knowledge of FDA behavior. I believe that Illuvien will not be approved for reasons I have previously posted if you care to check. The current low price and low volume are indicative of the poor outlook for this stock. In any event, approval is at a minimum some time in the fourth quarter. That spells dead money. Possibly take another look at the end of this summer.

    • A few years back I had a 7 figure profit from a small development pharma company with one drug in development. I bought the stock around $10 and it promptly went to $5. Every day on its message board people like you posted how their drug in development and the company was a failure.

      Not that they had any real understanding of any of the trial data, their conclusions were based on the stock trading price alone.

      I continued to buy the stock and was bought out by a major pharma co several years later for 20 fold higher than my average cost.

      I'm not saying the same will happen here. What I'm saying is that you cannot apply short term thinking and day trading techniques to a small cap development company unless you are a day trader trying to pick up a few pennies on a short term trade.

      The stock is now up...I thought their drug was a failure?

    • You can't determine the ultimate success or failure of one of these small drug development companies by your little day trading metrics. What kind of an imbicile are you?

      The stock is down today 12 cents on low volume. Oh yeah, you are a big success from your great prediction. Alimera is a failure because the stock is down.

      Where on earth do you idiots come from?

    • No, it is not going down because of cataracts alone.It is because of the time value of money and the chances of FDA approval are looking very slim. Also, because the play on microcap pharma stocks is to invest on the run up prior to PDUFA, not after a CRL. It is over. Have you observed the volume and the stock price? What positive indication are you reading from those two factors? Have you looked at the cash position lately? Have you looked to see if the company has any other viable products? All you have is the hope that somehow FDA will change it's point of view. The application process was botched because of mismanagement. They submitted 24 month data hoping to squeak by when 36 data would be available shortly thereafter. Now they have delayed the process for months and the competition is fierce out there. Your stock and your investment is toast.

      bite me.

    • Sorry, I am no day trader. You can ignore me all you want. That doesn't alter the fact that your beloved stock is gasping for air. I hope you stay long term because it will a long time before you get a rejection from FDA. Remember who warned you to get out. Ignore yourself would be the best advice.

      bite on that.

    • You understand little to nothing and determine your success by which way the wind is blowing that day. Today you are successful.

      Success with this company for investors will be determined some time down the road and it will likely involve 5-10 fold returns. Not the realm of little jerk off day traders like you.

    • I just did, and you'll be amazed at how much it cleans up the board.

    • If I am so dumb and you are consequently so smart, how come your stock is performing so poorly? Why did your great investment choice of a company get a CRL? Why is their cash position so bad?

      Bite me. Buy more if you are so hot on this puppy.

    • You have just shown your lack of knowledge re: how FDA evaluates drugs and treatments. They balance the scale between efficacy and safety.

      I don't care to answer the rest of your ignorant statement as it would be a wasted effort.

      Yes, I am a little, dissatisfied investor with no sex life and confused. Does that make you feel better? Now run along and..................................................bite me.

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