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  • roomyb roomyb Mar 17, 2011 9:08 AM Flag


    Southern continues to defend owning this stock. He ridicules every point I make. That doesn't bother me one bit. But, take a look at what he is defending.

    A stock that has suffered over 40% decline year to date.

    The increase in trading volume recently was due to the company's president selling 20% of his own shares. How is that for confidence in FDA approval?

    Talk about defending the indefensible.

    bite me.

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    • Are you so dense that you can't understand English? I said protocols are set early. Read it again. Are you near sighted or perhaps you need some Illuvien.

    • WTF are you talking about???

      Trial protocols are set way before they even conduct the trial. You don't conduct a trial then set protocols...trials cost many many millions of dollars.

      FDA asked initially asked for 24 months of data then after initial submission and just before PDUFA asked for 36 month data. THis is because because the 24 month trial data showed less improvement in vision for cataract patients. Improvements resumed after cataracts were removed in 36 month data.

      You clearly know S--T about this company or the FDA or anything else for that matter.

      Keep focused on the one simple thing you understand moron.

    • "Alim has done what the FDA required"


      Prior to PDUFA, company's seeking approval meet with FDA for protocols. Requirements are defined at this juncture. ALIM blew it and they will blow it again.

      bite me.

    • I know a great deal about the company far beyond your comprehension. Your Buffet analogy does not hold water with ALIM. Buffet is a long term holder of mostly high cap quality companies. ALIM hardly fits that description.

      Now you have a new time frame for this stock. You are looking at a horizon over years. You have got to be kidding.

      And as for your soft definition of a CRL, I am splitting my sides laughing. "A nice way of saying you are not approved". Have you ever been sent a party invitation that announces the date of the party, but says you aren't invited. That's a nice way of saying you aren't welcome.

      You are the one that berated EXEL. Now you have nothing to say because it is killing you that I am making money while you are drowning in loss.

      bite me

    • Yes you are an experienced expert obviously, that's why you post messages to a message board of a company you do not own and KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.

      btw, a CRL is simply a nice way for the FDA to say your application cannot be approved in it's present form. But guess what, they tell you what they need in order to approve it.

      ALIM has done what the FDA required and the application will be approved for the reasons I previously cited.

      You are up with EXEL ( for now) on all the hype, who gives a s--t. This is not the EXEL board.

      ALIM as a winning or losing idea will be determined over a few years, not a few days.

    • I have time to come to this board because my duties have been reduced due to medical reasons. I work for the same people, but only as a consultant working out of my home. I still have all my resources available to me and spend almost three hours per day on the telephone with my associates. We are in communication daily with professionals in the health care/pharma/life sciences. Who do you communicate with besides Yahoo Finance?

      bite me

    • Is this your first venture into trading stocks? It sounds like it to me. The "news" about resubmission is a known event. A logical investor knows that this information is already built into the price. The market is not impressed.

      Your view of a CRL is way off. A CRL is not an FDA guideline for approval. It is a rejection based on the data submitted. You look at it like my sixth grade teacher who used her red pencil to find mistakes in my essays and then gave the paper back to me for correction.
      You predict that the resubmission will drive the price upwards. If that is the case, where are all the investors who should be buying now while the stock price is so low? If you are so sure the price is going up, you should be loading up now. The trading volume is telling you that they don't accept your theory.
      You are overly optimistic about FDA approval. You are driving your investment car towards a cliff and you are about to go over the edge.

      Why don't you give me some smart talk about how poorly I am doing with EXEL? While you sit in that losing stock, my position is looking better all the time.

      bite me.

    • Yep...I'm certain you are a big success. That's why you come to this board every 30 seconds to see if someone has responded to your idiotic and cluless ranting on ALIM.

      Here's what I believe will happen in the near term with ALIM.

      They will re file within 30 days which will confirm that the FDA only wanted to see the 36 month data (which they had) to confirm that the cataract patients resumed their vision improvement after the cataracts were removed.

      Not much point in re filing if you cannot answer the FDA's questions or fix whatever problem they have with your original filing.

      At this time the momentum will change and the stock will move back up to around the IPO price until nearer the new PDUFA date.

      It will not be possible to call the bottom unless you have a crystal ball or access to a witch doctor like momentum boy.

      The drug will be approved because it was very effective for 30 months (the FDA only required 24) and there are no other drugs on the market for DME. Additionally the other therapies have safety profile issues, are expensive and require recurring treatments.

      So pick what you think is the low point and load up because even if there sales are half of what Credit Suisse has projected this company will have a market value 10 times higher than it is here.

      Our momentum moron will be on to other momentum ideas to pick off his crumbs.

    • You need to take a course in rhetoric and learn the basics of debate techniques.

      Your entire argument against me consists of a hypothetical case suggesting and criticizing me based on a prediction of how I will react in the future.

      Now it is quite clear to me why you are incapable of grasping any point I make. Your mind works in a strange way.

      bite me.

    • "foundation of knowledge (EXEL) is as thin as the wind"

      My "thin knowledge" consists of over 27 years as a retail stockbroker, investment banker, and former manager of a health care fund.

      What do I know?

      bite me.

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