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    I imagine Southern is laughing his head off at the mere mention of the word, liquidity. He has no understanding how that has an effect on price, not to mention interest in a stock.

    He also has no understanding of how most pharma stocks perform prior to FDA approval or even after CRL's are sent.

    He laughs at me because I called attention to the lack of raised price targets by analysts. He is confident that Illuvien will eventually be approved. If that is so and analysts agreed, they would raise the price targets. When that didn't happen, he dismisses it based on the fact that a CRL was issued. There is zero logic in his argument.

    Back to liquidity. Look up the definition Southern and tell us again why dismal volume shouldn't be a consideration here.

    bite me.

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    • So if I read you correctly, investors who know exactly what you know will wait for three weeks to buy the stock at 10 when they could buy it now for 7? You believe that refiling will be a significant news event that will make the stock rise over 3 points? Very interesting. Again, if I follow your train of thought, the reason the stock is trading lower now is because these future buyers need some convincing. You tell them to get on the ball and stop dithering around here in the 7's.

      bite me.

    • It is going to be a major priority of the FDA to approve this drug

      The stock will trade for 10 plus just as soon as they re file in a few weeks. $7 will be a distant memory and one time opportunity

      B&l will pay a huge fortune for Alimera for the most important therapy for macula edema EVER!!!

      You are WAY too clueless to possibly understand why.

      Good luck to your dumb a-- tho. Like I said , truly one of life's bigger curses to be stupid

    • Yes, it is such a necessary drug that it right up front on the agenda of FDA. Sorry, it ain't up there.

      It must be very lonely buying the stock at 7. How do you explain such a lack of interest?

      Are you ever going to take a haircut.

      bite me

    • Douchebag,

      Could you be more obvious posting messages to yourself?

      Alim will get it's drug approved and it will be a very big deal partly because wet and dry md right behind it mostly because dme is so important and this drug WORKS.

      I'm buying all the stock that I can here Someone please sell me some more $7 stock!!!

    • You mistake the intent of the "bite me" concluding my posts. It is not intended to offend anyone. It is a term given to me by friends I used to work with. They know the posts come from me, whatever name I use.

      bite me.

    • "I believe the odds of approval are very low. I don't like the way the stock trades. I don't like the lack of interest in it. I don't like the fact that PSDV is below 5 which makes it ineligible for many funds to buy, not to mention margin problems."

      Wow, did you just provide a reasonable, dispassionate, informed post... all without your snarky "bite me" sign off!?! I'd give you more credit, but I see that your MPD immediately relapsed below.

    • You and Southern completely miss the boat. I have never been short a single share of ALIM or PSDV. In fact, if you care to wager, I will prove that fact to you and back it up with $10,000 contributed to Wounded Warriors. Put up or shut up.

      You make me laugh when you say I follow the thin herd. You are the follower of that herd by being long ALIM. My fund employs a contrarian approach to investing. We could hardly be characterized as following the herd.

      The only constant about you and Southern is that both of you are always incorrect. You both are going to be quite unhappy when you get your final rejection from FDA. It is coming and your money is going down the drain.

      bite me

    • Mispriced? That is a new one for me. The price is established by whatever is the best bid and the best asked.

      I don't dwell on liquidity. I bring the subject up to annoy Southern because he constantly claims that it has zero bearing on the stock. That is absurd.

      Several times I have mentioned other negatives regarding both PSDV and ALIM. For example, the two million shares from the direct financing deal at 5 hanging over PSDV. The botching of the FDA approval process by ALIM. Their weak cash position. The terrible technical position of the stock. The cost of a single Illuvien treatment. Is that what you call dwelling on liquidity?

      I believe the odds of approval are very low. I don't like the way the stock trades. I don't like the lack of interest in it. I don't like the fact that PSDV is below 5 which makes it ineligible for many funds to buy, not to mention margin problems.

      I hope that this convinces you that liquidity isn't my main concern. Both these stocks are losers in my opinion.

    • roomyb/kendolldownhere/rosenbaum/let 100 accounts bloom:

      "You are a follow the herd investor, other than for the fact that the herd you follow is rather thin."

      Do you realize the COMPLETE IRONY of your statement? Your main argument against this stock is the LACK OF LIQUIDITY (which you reiterate again, and again, and yet again). Whether other market participants are gobbling us this stock en masse may be relevant, of course, as they will bid up prices and express their long views on this stock, which may be more informed than yours or mine. But, if you only chase institutional interest in a stock, that makes you the penultimate herd investor.

      Of course, liquidity matters. But, it's not the whole game (unless your markets seize up). I'd argue that, if anything, the lack of liquidity HERE suggests more that the stock may be MISPRICED rather than susceptible to some market manip or bear raid. Look, this was a smart stock to short around the time that you started your bashing due to idle interest (market saturation, uncertainty post-CRL, etc.), which set the stage for a southward drift. So, you made your buck or two (though you deny being short even though I'd respect you more if you were; otherwise, you're just a spiteful person).

      However, from here on out, I'm actually bullish on this. Especially for ALIM vs. PSDV (it felt like ALIM's price never truly digested the CRL compared with PSDV, until more recently). True, ALIM is a one trick pony, but that's part of the risk... and part of the fun.

      So, feel free to move on. Or, you can continue bashing this stock and touting your investment prowess buying PBR and STO post-MENA crisis.

    • A small amount of trading could have a serious effect on the stock price. That is the liquidity problem you overlook. Larger investors see this and avoid the stock. That minor factor doesn't seem to matter to you. Too bad you don't understand.

      You have revealed the reasons you believe this stock is going up. They are weak ones to say the least. Your doctor does not impress me. You are a follow the herd investor, other than for the fact that the herd you follow is rather thin. Good luck hoping for another company to buy out ALIM.

      Get ready for final rejection. It is coming.

      bite me.

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