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  • nosehairball nosehairball May 13, 2011 11:58 AM Flag


    Another dead end.

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    • Hey southern. You are wrong as usual and anyone who cares to read this can see it.

      What happened to my challenge to bet me ten thousand dollars regarding my "penny ante account"? You are silent on the subject. You would have lost if you had the guts to bet me.

      You are a major blowhard and stubborn to no end. Your argument about Cooper's spelling is very weak. I quoted directly from the author himself on why he chose a specific spelling. You still don't accept it. You should be a member of the Flat Earth Society. You are so stupid and I proved it for all to see. I laugh in your face.

      What do you have to say about EXEL now? You continue to show your ignorance of trading biotech/pharma stocks by only calling attention to final approval dates. The money is made on the accumulation phase prior to PDUFA. Ask any fund manager or hedge fund manager. You need to learn a bit more before you try to beat me at my own game. And that includes literature. You are a major joke.

      bite me

    • Hey admit it, you wrote mohegan because you knew nothing about cooper and thought that was what you heard as a common expression regarding the last person committed to an objective.

      The book is titled Mohicans....I don't give a s--t what lame explanation you come up with to try to cover your ignorance of American literature...or celestial navigation (Southern Cross) or Alimera's trial results.

      You are a DUNCE and I cannot waste any more of my time communicating with you.

      You should keep posting your commentary here one will ever know who you are. Better that than to let your co-workers, friends or family know the depth of your stupidity.

      Alimeras drug will be approved and this will be a great story in due time. EXEL who knows, you will have to wait several months to see phase 3 then ALIM should be approved and in the 20's. Your lemming group can pick some up then and ride it for a few points.

      Good luck roomyb, nosepicker, bite me, mohegan or whatever you will be next week. Success with such stupidity will require luck... so you will need it.

    • I quoted Cooper's own words where he explained that the spelling was arbitrary. He chose his own spelling which is not definitive. You are dumb as a post. How do you suppose I quoted him directly from his preface if I didn't have a copy of the book? Now I see why you love ALIM. Only a moron like yourself would stick it out this long. How sad and pathetic to be you. My cat has more sense.

      How is your stock doing? While you wait for rejection, my stocks are climbing with large volume I might add. Your stock is for imbeciles like yourself. You are one of the most stupid jerks I have ever run across. You deserve to be in ALIM.

      bite me



      Admit it, you never read the book because you are an imbicile.

      You have never read a bit of the clinical trial data from either ALIM or EXEL either.


      Because you are an IMBICILE!!

      You think the Southern Cross is a burning cross in an Alabama yard.


      Because you are an IMBICILE!

      I could go on.

    • Bozo, I quoted directly from Cooper's words written by him in the preface of the book explaining the spelling of the word. You have to be the thickest brick in the yard.

      I am not going to tell you anything about EXEL. Sit back and watch and miss the party.

      bite me

    • The book and the movie are Mohican.

      Anyone who read the book would spell in Mohican.

      You only heard the expression some time in your life and spelled it like you heard it.

      You are a complete dunce on so many fronts it's literally impossible to address all of them.

      Tell me what happens to your hyped up exel lemming story now dunce.

    • You have to be the thickest moron on Earth. I gave you Cooper's own words. He chose that spelling of the tribe. There is no definitive spelling that exists in the English language. I see why you are an ALIM shareholder. You are slower than a snail in your thinking. The movie is not a reliable source for the spelling of an indian tribe. Neither is the book.

      As for EXEL, it is moving up before your very stupid eyes. Read today's news stories and see how you have missed another one. The lemmings are correct in this case, however I have no idea who you think those lemmings are. You are the dumb ostrich sticking his head in the ground with the exception that your head is in a dark area of your anatomy.

      bite me.

    • The book is Last of the Mohicans as is the movie.

      You have looked up some info to attempt to explain your obvious stupidity, mis-quote, lack of common knowledge and general cluelessness.

      btw, what kind of a moron ends every sentence written with "bite me"?

      You must be nothing short of just a world class jack off.

      also btw, after today your exel will have to hold up the hype for years as they wait for approval of something. No more lemmings waiting for something they don't understand. Now data will be seen and the lemmings will be wondering if the cliff is on the horizon.

    • Here are the words directly from Cooper. Read carefully if you are able, which I doubt.

      "The greatest difficulty with which the student of Indian history has to contend, is the utter confusion that pervades the names. The natives themselves not only speak different languages, and even dialects of those languages...each tribe had it's own name, it's own dialect. The tribe that possessed that country now composes the south-western parts of New England... called themselves the "Mahicanni" or more commonly the "Mohicans". The latter word has since the English into "Mohegan". In these pages, Lenni-Lenape, Lenope, Delawares, Mohicans, Maquas, Mingoes, the Menque...are identified as the speakers.

      There is your proof. Cooper chose his personal spelling of the tribe, which was not the official spelling by any means. It was for literary expediency.

      You are wrong wrong wrong. I bet you will still not accept the truth. You are too dense and stupid.

      bite me.

    • Dumb bell, I told you Cooper states in the preface of his book that he chose his personal spelling of the word. There is no certified English word. Therefore, you have no basis to ridicule other than your stubborn, misinformed, dull perception.

      You are indeed a sad case. I read the preface in Cooper's own words where he addresses that subject directly.

      Is this the best you have to offer? If so, you are in a world of hurt. I suggest you worry about your dead stock that is on schedule to get a rejection from FDA. You certainly are going to look silly then. Not that you don't look ridiculous now.

      bite me

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