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  • nosehairball nosehairball May 16, 2011 1:49 PM Flag


    What a disaster this stock has become. No volume, which means to dense types such as Southern, that there is no liquidity or buying interest. He thinks this is a meaningless indicator.

    ALIM isn't even the wallflower at the party. It is lingering like my 90 year old aunt's emissions hanging in the air for eternity after she leaves the room

    bite me.

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    • You constantly show your ignorance. You have no idea how to make money on biotech/pharma stocks. The money is made on the accumulation phase. Waiting for a binary event such as FDA approval is not the way the smart money plays it unless approval is highly probable.
      You know nothing about EXEL. It is in the accumulation stage and about to make a move upwards after the ASCO conference. I bought it last November at 6.15. I then sold it around 12 and bought again at 11.50. You amuse me to no end. Keep it up. I enjoy taunting you and pushing your buttons. You are too easy.

      bite me.

    • Hey, not much effort required to prove such a dumbs--t like you wrong.

      How much effort was it for me to point out that the Coopers book was about the Mohicans.

      You know nothing about ALIM also, only that the volume has dropped and people have lost interest....for now.

      The lemmings like you will be back in due time, now however is the time for people like me and Calvin Roberts MD (Bausch and Lomb Chief Medical Officer) to be buying the stock. Not pathetic day trader lemmings such as yourself. You show up on boards like EXEL's after the stock has increased 4 fold.

      btw, my buy prices of ALIM are mostly in the 7's. Also, EXEL has a massive 1.4 billion valuation and may be years until they get a drug approved. Less than 6 months for ALIM.

      Good luck moron, you are going to need it.

    • You remind me of a dog that continuously chases his tail. You spend all your time uselessly trying to ridicule me. Is this how you cope with the frustrations of owning ALIM? I think so. You are a pathetic little thinker obsessed with proving me wrong. So far your efforts are wasted and ineffectual. I am enjoying watching you squirm as your stock continues to languish.
      Enjoy the next six month wait until final rejection while I clean up in EXEL, ELN, and AMRN.

      Why don't you buy some PSDV while you are stuck in the mud? At least, you would have some company to share your misery.

      bite me

    • Mahican would have passed but not mohegan. You never read the book, you don't seem to be capable of reading much of anything. You heard the expression somewhere and repeated it...this is how an imbicile like you would come to make a statement like "last of the mohegans". btw, the mohegans are a completely different tribe than the Mahicans or Mohicans (as Cooper and I spelled the name of the tribe). Unlike you, I actually read the book.

      Now you're looked up the expression and the literature and pronounce yourself as a well read individual. What a laugh. Try to read the above and understand that the mohegans are not the mohicans.

      You are a f---ing dunce bro. You understand nothing about Coopers book or this company. Your simplistic observation about the volume means exactly nothing as far as their ultimate success of the drug is concerned.

      Your little lemming day trading group will be buyers and the volume will go up as soon as most of the fireworks are over.

      Hey, how is it that their lender extends and increases their line of credit and provides them with a working capital line in the face of their pending failure in front of the FDA?

    • I have read the book by Cooper five times. In the book, he discusses spelling and word origins. I am 100% correct in saying that all different spellings are acceptable. See the Amercan College Dictionary and Fenimore Cooper's prefice for confirmation.

      Once again, you display how you stubborn you can be by never admitting being wrong. I could care less what you think of EXEL. You will never own it. That alone gives me confidence.

      In the meantime, the volume on ALIM is pathetic. Of course, that means nothing to you. You must be one of the most naive stock investors in the history of the world. I do, however, get a laugh out of reading your silly come back responses. You truly are in a world of your own.

      bite me

    • I'm sitting here with very big position that I paid $7-8 for...this is a disaster?

      ALIM has excellent phase 3 have ZERO phase 3 data.

      ALIM has re-filed and a six month PDUFA data. EXEL maybe more than a year from filing on their first trial.

      You are day trading with all of the other clueless lemmings and I'm certain hold no significant position in EXEL. Primarily evidenced by the fact that you seem to know nothing but what the stock is currently trading for.

      I am an investor and you're basically an far as I can tell.

      Keep that focus on the stock price and your $100 a day in trading profits... that is, if all goes well.

      btw, your lemming stock is still $11.00

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