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  • emtvans emtvans Dec 12, 2011 11:12 AM Flag

    Credit due to Swissalpha64

    Swissalpha64 you kept us informed BEFORE the stock started to move, BEFORE we knew WHEN the stock was going to move. Kept me from making a couple of mistakes. I don't know how you knew but I'M readING all youR posts from now on. Keep sharing that experience of yours, you don't know it but you took part in saving some lives with your posts. That's right, SAVING SOME LIVES. i'M WAITING FOR THE TRADE HALT YOU PREDICT.

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    • I think it's time to go. I agree with everyone on this board. Swiss pumped it in a most sophisticated manor, because there seems to be no news to back him up. Even if a future European acceptance is true, investors will hold their positions based on news to back it up! There is no news, so I expect the price to go down even more. There was money to be made off of Swiss (he got the thing to move over 30%!)if only I had known what to watch for. Good learning experience. Now I know the signs of sophisticated pumping. I made a nice profit off of swiss then lost it back, because no news came to keep investors. If there is no news to support the rumors after the spike, get out! If there's insider news that the rest of us may not have, still get out if it is not backed by press release after the spike. The majority of investors do not have insider news leads so they will be looking for press releases, wires etc. I think this stock will move but not anytime soon. I could be wrong but there is no news for the majority of investors so i think they are gonna sell so I'm selling my positions and am out. Thank you for

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      • Do what you must but it is sad you are doing this because you trusted a poster. I knew he was pumping when I saw his posting history and then he was talking about a squeeze (short position fell dramatically already) and $8 targets and even called him out gently. Plus he has been pumping since Dec 4 and the volume only exploded 8 days later. The increased volume had nothing to do with him IMO. You will find out soon enough. I plan to increase my position further today...

    • I was asking myself the same question! LOL But hey, there was no way anyone could predict what happened today. My guess is he got out with marginal profit or loss and is planning on getting back in tomorrow. I think everybody is licking their wounds on this one but His facts about the company are still solid, so i'm staying in and riding it up! If a sudden wild fire broke out. Even if I was the most liked fireman and knew all about fire, I still wouldn't hang around to get burned either!!

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      • I agree it seems fishy this person was posting numerous times and then disappears. I went back and checked and the posting has only been on this stock and it began a few days back. I too have some shares (about 45000) and will see how it goes the next few days, but my hindsight tells me those like MsJackson took the right approach. I just could not pull the trigger today on sell.
        Either way, good luck to everyone. It is entertaining.

    • Where is he?

    • volume points toward good news either way.

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