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  • msjacksn7 msjacksn7 Dec 14, 2011 11:36 AM Flag

    In @1.39

    1/3 of original position. Some think a Yahoo board or poster has any effect on pps. Well I.M.O. it has none, nada!!! Those who use stops cause more havoc than any poster ever could. Could be too soon but time will tell. Looking for 2.00 or a pop, whichever comes first. G.L. (yea,I know Post...but I'm addicted.LOL)

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    • Hope you had a great Xmas MSJ and all is well with family.
      I have another trade for you but I won't share it here.
      I'll send it to your email with my opinions on it.
      Hope to hear from ya soon.

    • MSJ,
      I agree with you that ECYT looks set to run soon.
      I think there is a good chance that it will be one of those January runners after tax loss selling is out of the way.
      Buying it on the last trading day before the new year is certainly worth considering.
      I am not in anything right now.
      Just watching, sniffing and waiting :)
      Thanks for defending me some folks think they have the self-ordained right to say who can or can't post or what they can write is laughable!
      That's why yahoo invented the ignore feature.
      But hey, this is the holiday season so goodwill to all men!
      Ho Ho Ho!
      Have a great Xmas MSJ and EVERYone!

    • He was talking about BPAX. Sharing info. is all and a good trader IMO. Sorry about the confusion...Post, I think ECYT is going to run again. Have a Merry Christmas all. M.J.

    • Then why are you here, get lost.

    • yes it does rise quite quickly with volume.

      hope this EU approval makes up for my buttpounding from the vodka.

      if not approved then, well, i quit

    • Meant to say the swings in volume is strange. Sorry SWR, have a good weekend...Were you long or short in the vodka? Just askin'

    • MSJ - just a quick update.
      I decided to buy BPAX this morning at 50 cents.
      Not suggesting anyone buy here but just sharing a real time trade.
      Depending on price action, an initial target sell would be at around 60 cents.
      Please do your own due diligence as there is risk involved.

    • Hey MSJ.
      Good for you!
      Because my opinion is only a guess and I have been known to be wrong! :)
      But I thought it was very smart to only go 1/3 in. Allows room to average in. It took me a long time to learn only to scale into a trade.
      I used to be 'addicted' to always going all-in. Ouch! Was bad-disciplined trading on my part.
      I don't want to gamble the imminent possibility that European approval could be rejected. It might not though.
      IMO ALIM, should 'theoretically' have European rejection priced in but I don't think so. I would now rather buy ALIM only after if it gets rejected..
      I am checking out ECYT thanks to you :) But waiting for the three days of margin calls to dry up first at least and let that POS also find a 'concrete bottom' that I can make friends with :)
      Not going to jump in too soon like I did with ALIM.
      Normally these tankers, especially the biotechs, take about 1 week to settle down.
      The early/initial bottom fishers on day 1 to day 3 from my past observations, are deliberately grinded down and held under water by the market makers who are aware of us lowlife retail bottom fishers :)
      I'm slowly learning to beat those market maker d0uche bags at their own dirty tricks :)

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