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  • swissalpha44 swissalpha44 Jan 3, 2012 7:56 AM Flag

    Regeneron Settles Patent Infringement w/ Roche ..............

    I told you before it was coming and today we get the news.They have to pay $60M to Roche/Genentech and 4.7% or U.S. sales and 5.5% of sales over $3 Billion.News should be out this week from Europe and once they announce the approval,watch Regeneron offer Alimera a partnership for U.S sales to off-set this patent infringment case they just lost.Buy all you can under the $1.50 range as this will be going much higher now.The FDA meeting is getting closer for the company.

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    • I would not believe anything "SwissAlpha" says. SGB is right. Swiss uses temporary and multiple IDS (very shady). My guess, last go-round in early December, "SwissAlpha" was his pumper ID (predicting an ALIM stock halt) and "Pharmarxrep" was his basher ID. Never trust a poster who is ONLY following one stock when you check their past posts history.

      Edward Antonio

    • Welcome back Swiss!

      Got back in ALIM again ;)

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      • Hello Swiss,

        I must admit, I like the positive outlook, but have reservations about your true intentions.

        Last time you were here, you had a different name, and pumped this stock hard, then when we had that nice pop, you were gone.

        Are you just in it for the short term and buy in on the pull back, then sell on runor, or do you expect a serious turn around of this company.

        I am long, and have not liquidated my position last time we had a nice pop.

        How confident are you that we will be approved in the EU?

        How confident when they have the meeting with the FDA, that they will be able to convince them to drop the new Phase 1 and 2 full blown clinical trials?
        They dont have enough cash on hand to go through full blown clinical trials.

        There are many of us who have allot riding on this stock.

        Your honest opinions backed up by factual data would greatly be appreciated.



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