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  • antonioedward antonioedward Jan 21, 2012 11:04 PM Flag

    ALIM will run $3 to $8 as soon as they hear positive news from the MHRA

    Ignore the bashers and the small time daytraders who own less than 10,000 shares. I have been talking to the company directly. All is well and they are waiting patiently for the expected, positive news. I am not sweating it. I believe there is an 80% chance that ALIM will receive approval from the MHRA for Iluvien. Risk is high - but without risk, there is no huge reward. Right now, ALIM management is at the mercy of the MHRA and their timelines - there is nothing they can say to push the MHRA process along. They must wait patiently. That is how it works.

    Besides, without 1M volume shares traded per day, the whales cannot go in and out. This is not a stock that can be day traded, if you own 40,000 or more shares - especially "if" the hourly share volume traded is thin. The thin volume will not allow large shareholders to flip their shares. I am just as stuck as the whales are right now - but I have huge faith in the management team and their product Iluvien.

    As a rule, it is not smart to speculate, trade or invest long term, in a company that ONLY has one drug. However, my bet is that ALIM and ILUVIEN is the exception to THAT rule.

    "IF" they earn MHRA approval, that is a GAME CHANGER. I believe Swiss was right about one thing (his early December posts) - if the MHRA approves Iluvien, then ALIM will be in much better shape with the FDA next go-round.

    JPInvestor89 advised me to hold for now - even though he thinks ALIM will need a partner in the near future. JP is a smart trader and a wise investor - a big fish - probably one of the smartest traders/investors on the entire Yahoo! board. You might want to hook up with him on twitter - "jpinvestor89" - where he announces his daily trades and future investments hourly. His success rate has been over 70% (wins) during past months.

    When the volume picks up, and you start seeing pumpers without past Yahoo! Finance posting histories come out of the woodwork (like early December), and they start pre-pumping on the ALIM board, that is when I predict this stock will POP! Somebody always gets wind of a coming spike, just before it happens.

    Just my opinion. Best to all, long or short.


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