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  • arcorob arcorob May 10, 2001 1:38 PM Flag

    IWAV in good company - Read

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    • OK, Im looking for some basic info here on IWAV from the techies that understand all this. First off, IWAV is buying/merging with Wireless Inc. which I feel is a good thing for us. Wireless has positive earnings of $20 million or so to add to the bottom line. I saw a post here about a month ago that indicated Wireless had some kind of hot switch that alot of companies were buying. More info on this would be appreciated.

      Secondly, what is the connection with this DoCoMo/Hong Kong thing? I thought I saw here once in a post that IWAV is 20% owned by some big Hong Kong wireless company. If anyone has the background on this, it would be appreciated also.

      Basically, I am looking for all the connections/partnerships/stakes that IWAV has (Nortel etc) and what it means for the future. This includes the wireless situation in China-Hong Kong. I have tried to search alot of this out, but as many longs here know....the well of info coming out of IWAV is pretty shallow.

      Just what technology and partnerships does IWAV have that would warrant adding thousands of more shares to a portfolio at these prices? As I stated before, I was once long on GWRX and the stock languished in the $1-2 range for almost a year. The techies on the board knew it had good technology and were loading up. GWRX rocked up to about $48. Even half of that kind of move here for IWAV would be great. I have seen a few knowledgable posters here, and would appreciate any info they can share about IWAV to us "non techie" types. Thanks for all answers in advance.

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      • Go to Put the settings to "Ticker", and put in "iwav". All the information is there.

      • The incremental $20MM was Revenue, not bottom line (NI)...I believe.

        Good post and questions...I'm not a techie and wonder the same.

        Good luck.

      • Wireless do se not have 20 mil. net profit. If it had, it would be for sale for 8 mil plus 5 mil incentive bonus. I believe 20 mil is the sales number. Correct me if I am wrong.

      • im not a techie but i can tell you iwav holds hands with nortel alcatel and adct these are just a few there are others regarding the wireless transaction theres not to much on it that has any meat.....i really want to average but i just cant seem to pull the trigger ....current managment sucks they have made a few sales but they dont get paid its always techies ever seem to bash iwavs equipment from what ive read its good stuff but im really not the one to refer to regarding there technology......ive been waiting for about a year for a tech freak to come to the board but as of yet we aint got one for the switch you mentioned go to wireless web site i believe you can also acces some info from iwavs home page its pretty good reading .....know if the market would just come around we might have something