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  • Jettababe18 Jettababe18 Jun 16, 2011 8:57 PM Flag


    Where's my dividend from the last time one was to be issued?

    Raidio guy's didn't believe her, too! They where laughing right in her face but didn't shut up long enough to notice.

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    • radio guys interview stunk...big they didn't ask the "tough questions" but I didn't get the sense of laughing that you did, however, I did get the sense of uncertainty on their part...which is pretty stupid since they had in their power to ask the "tough" questions and didn't....actually the radio guys came off as pretty much unprepared and just a newbie as you are suggesting many on this board are of past issues with EMXC......

      not sure why you aren't getting returned calls, other than there is a ton of people calling and only so much time to waste in talking to people like you when things are in the process of paying you
      back your dividend......

      why not just post under one ID rather try to make people think you are many different disenchanted you even own this stock...and if you are owed a dividend...then how much?

      the CEO did say they were to be paid within 30 days and it was being held up by the Transfer if you are legit....come back in that time frame and complain....then I would say you have a legitimate complaint....until then, keep one cares...... :D

    • wheeler dealer business, radio guys where flabbergasted by the claims. i thought the best part was when they talked about first hand insider information was being released on the radio. when they challenged the remarks (while trying to hold back their laughing) all credibility was lost in the conversation. even radio host know when something is to good to be true and they've done their homework about past promises than you know its an arms length transaction. bottom line, what did the interview do the the stock price, either the radio guys have no following or listners heard the same interview as i did.

    • WHY doesn't the company return my phone calls, i'm interested in finding out why i didn't receive my dividend before the last reverse split. can anyone explain the reverse split and no dividend was delivered.
      the bunch of you must be fresh meat since you don't know anything about the revese split and no dividend.

    • i'm talking about the DIVIDEND that was to be paid YEARS AGO. do your homework, the last promised dividend didn't happen but the reverse split did go through but NO DIVIDEND

    • thats usually how this works.....check any company that declares a dividend....they announce in advance, or declare at dividend payment date and for holders of the stock on a certain record mystery and very common practice....nothing odd... :D

    • What I'm saying is that they made the announcement before June 15th. I could have bought more before then and still got paid the dividend.

    • um....CEO said within 30 days......I'm sure hoping it comes through, because than maybe you will STFU.... :D

    • hey jettababe, the good news now is you will have a lot of a 5th dividend is declared that won't be paid! This time it impacts them!

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