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  • davebugs davebugs Nov 14, 2011 10:10 AM Flag

    OE this friday likely to be unnaturally pushed

    To the naked eye MAXPAIN looks like 20.

    Amazing the influence this can cause even on a thinly traded stock and very thinly traded options on a stock like IIVI.

    So depending on your outlook could be a chance to buy near 20 or sell near 20 probably all week.

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    • Dave, how are you trading the options? Selling covered calls? Buying calls. spreads, etc. I have never felt I knew enough to trade options successfully.

      In fact I dont even know how to trade the stock. Seem to get whipsawed every time I take a small position in IIVI.


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      • Clam!

        How you been?

        I made the annual meeting but then missed Ron's presentation the following monday.

        IIVI options are bad really. Spreads are usually too large.

        I actually do much better options trades on other stocks.

        I don't pretend to be an expert.

        Usually I write some covered calls when I think a stock is overvalued.

        I have bought calls for IIVI and actually own some now.

        WIth IIVI often I'll exercise the options BEFORE OE. Otherwise you can have a day like today and loose al lthe premium you paid for the options.

        I figure long run IIVI will always be a good investment.

        Also this time part of the reason I bought options was ironically I have too large of a position in IIVI.

        The past year or so I've been doing more and more options on my favorite trading stock KLIC which happens to be in a MF article today that also has IIVI mentioned in it.

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