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  • davebugs davebugs Sep 5, 2013 3:32 PM Flag

    Kinda early to be "pegging" IIVI to 20 for OE for SEP

    But so far they are.

    Not even that many open contracts - 34.

    FYI OCT's MAXPAIN is currently 17.50, then JAN it's back to 20.

    Heck I may have to write me some of those SEP 20's. But with only that many contracts open really it shouldn't have much effect.

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    • Just broke thru 20, but not far. Again not that many open calls.

      I AM one of those guys that if I owned the 20's I'd exercise early rather than wait for OE.

    • So what do you like besides IIVI? I'm looking to diversify my technology holdings, but I'm open to anything that will go up. Financials, mining, drugs, anything.

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      • I've cyclically traded KLIC since the late 90's. It's in no mans land for me right now. Too low to write calls, too high to buy calls. I'm long a ton of common that's all green and long on calls that are about even - but all bought with proceeds from selling trading shares.

        I hold and trade INTC, CREE. Afraid to add to CREE due to mgmt.

        Last week I added more AP trading shares (and a dividend over 4%).

        My big "additions" over the past year or so are AWK (all well into the green so it's hard to keep adding), DVA. SInce my starting to buy DVA Buffetts new guys have decided tha tthey like it. They signed a standstill of some sort but they still in essence support the stock price.

        Also initiated a position in IPGP like a year ago and been nibbling - about even now.

        I also hold some RSTI that I have written calls against a few times (same as CREE and KLIC).

        Generally a net seller but this is my favorite time of year to buy as funds start selling the end of Sep. I've done more "stock replacement" this year than most. Selling common trading shares and buying calls with the proceeds. KLIC and IIVI I've done that with recently. Generally have been writing calls to expire before the end of the year and when I buy I buy the JAN's.

        Currently no calls written, just owned. But had written calls for CREE, IIVI, KLIC, RSTI all since June.

        I looked at Blackrock (due to ETF's really) and passed. Clean Harbor - a lot because of their incinerators(sp?) and passed. No others really that I've recently done DD on. I think about coal from time to time but always seem to take a pass.

        Happy trading my small caps and INTC.

        Net seller the past year of JNJ and BRKB's on their runs.

        You have any current exciting idea's?

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