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  • cr1pro2 cr1pro2 Feb 4, 2012 9:44 AM Flag

    what to expect from earnings?

    From what I have read it sounds like earning will come in light this quarter. With the funding is settled for mt milligan, and moly prices on the way up should help. If everything comes in on budget and schedule I would think guidance would be good.

    Where do you think the stock price will go when they report? I'm hoping for a pull back so I can pick up more shares on the cheap. If not I guess making money on the shares I have wouldn't be the worst thing.

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    • I assume you got stopped out today? Feb 3rd had a high of 9.50 so since it dropped below 9.20 (30 cents) I assume you sold your whole position. So I assume you are now on the sidelines waiting for a new entry point when it dips?

    • My followers our sell stop came close to getting sold out today. Our sell stop currently is $9.19. The stock had a low of $9.21. We are alive for another day. My belief is this stock should hit north of $10.00 soon. Nothing wrong with insurance (sell stop). Israel could bomb Iran, Italy, Spain, Greece problems? Any of those could be a good reason to buy more TC or other stocks when it happens. All of my holdings have a sell stop. Some of my sell stops are set at 8% today. Tc is set at a floating 30 cents stop loss . We live in a new USA that lives beyond its means. If you think about it why are we not in a bear market. I predict a 2nd recession worst than the last one will happen in the next 18 months. I also believe that you need to be in stocks and catch the sideways moves with insurance (sell stops). In this market I would not buy a single stock with a stop loss.

    • This wacko is making a lot of people richo my follower. Good advice for people that are tired of losing money. Many of you buy at high prices. We buy on sale and sell when everybody has to get a piece. With a floating stop loss at .30 I will capture a good sell price since my base for me and my followers is south of todays price. It is stupid not to have a sell stop in place.

    • "dp" is a wacko. Putting him on ignore makes this message board a little boring, but I guess bored is better than constantly smacking myself in the head by seeing such arrogance. I try to read everything but follow no one.

    • Okay thats just what I wanted; clarification. So you are anticipating a pullback and tightening your stop loss to maximize short term profits. That's fine, but I am not sure the need for following or being a follower. I am a firm believer in being your own boss and self-education when it comes to investing. Not saying I cant learn from others, contrarily I think everyone can gain insight from others and learn, but everyone's objective is a little different when it comes to investing and how much time they want to invest in the process; therefore the need to be your own boss.
      I have already posted my targets based on historical fpe of $8.03 sp on min fpe values (very conservative and we have already breached) and then mean historical fpe = $10.66. (most probable near term) & $13.29 sp based on historical fpe maximum. (less likely short term w/o volatility, perhaps 6 months plus out). Then chartist levels of resistance at 9.30 & 10.25 which should create the next range bound.
      So for me TC is a value play with a bonus of Mt Milligan appreciating the stock longer term (6 months+)
      Im not a day trader (dont have or want to put the time in nor do I think it's worth it). I guess I would call myself a swing trader to long term + swing trading strategies mixed together. I don't short and I like to do a bit of chart analysis for picking entry and exit points. Typically I will go long on a stock and if profits are realized will swing trade a percentage of the position (1/3 to 1/2) while leaving the remaining position long unless major events dictate otherwise.
      Thats just my method that works for me and what I understand and am comfortable with. My 2 cents for what works for me and I dont mind sharing my thoughts although I read much much more than I post. Again my philosophy is to self educate as I certainly dont feel I know all by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, I will listen to ALL posters as long as they have some logical basis.
      So if I follow my advice I will try to sell 1/3 to 1/2 position around 10.25 and wait and watch thereafter.

    • just bought 3 bonds@$97, taking a flier, paying 8% (matures2018) callable in 2015 @ $105.I see 400mil needs to be refinanced, I'm betting it gets done, but no expert on the co.

    • Earnings are not as important as next years production at the new mine.Stock price is about the new mine coming into production next year.
      Stock will move to 15 in anticipation of 2013 production 3rd quarter this year


      • 1 Reply to whitebronco94
      • I agree with your long term projections but short term we are going to have to survive another drop. After another disappointing quarter upcoming where profts started out positive 90 days ago and are now projected to be -0.07 this is not going to be a good 6 months. Add in that they will miss their 2011 earnings by a mile and are projecting negative for first quarter 12, I do not think they will be able to sustain the current stock price (in two weeks current PE will be 55). Throw into the mix the stuff going with IRAN, the BS postive spin the government put on the jobs report, and the fact that we still have no budget plan and we are going to be in for a big correction in the first half of the year.

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