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  • luckytrufflepig luckytrufflepig May 7, 2012 10:33 PM Flag


    That about sums it up. I may buy a few over the next week given that it is pretty hard for them to do much more damage here. The stock is cheap as long as metal prices stay stable. The extra $200MM assures that even these guys won't run out og money on the new projects. I think the size of the raise gives us a hint that the cost over-runs will likely continue.

    Hopefully CEO/CFO and BOD have a very unpleasant meeting tomorrow. They should do the honorable thing and stop all share grants etc. How the heck do some people look in the mirror??

    Does everyone realize how hard this will be to get back to $10 given the likely # of fully diluted shares out there post this offering???? I am vry glad that I only nibbled around the edges here.

    Good Luck to Everyone. Likely a safe time to consider buying a few more over the next 2 weeks. Deal needs to be digested and I guess we start to try to build a base at some point.

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    • The truth is, no one knows the specifics of why this was done. Tomorrow's AGM will clear it up. My guess is, management will have a pretty good reason why they did this, and back it up with a good outlook. If they don't, then how can they keep their jobs? Unfortunately though, this is a company with a poor record of treating exisiting shareholders good. So getting back to $10 will be tough, as we will see sell-offs along the way as shareholders will not quickly forget the destruction caused here. Regardless, I am disgusted like every share holder is. It seems to me that this loughrey guy just wants to keep collecting his pay cheque and probably increase his pension. At 60 years old, his horizon can't be much broader... he can retire at any time... he could care less... it doesn't give much confidence. Regardless, the crooks are so greedy that will likely see them bring all the stocks back well above $10-12 and then they will all sell off and run.