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  • misterstock349 misterstock349 Nov 15, 2012 2:09 PM Flag


    Democrats and Liberals,

    Be careful what you ask for. The effective way to tax the rich is to drive up long-term capital gains taxes. If you do this, everyone is screwed.

    This is some rich people appear to "pay less in taxes". Idiots !!! It's the fixed 15% capital gains tax. Rich people often don't live off of salaries.

    By screwing with the capital gains tax, it will be harder for people with less to make more.

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    • All,

      Just some points to remember .. as far as the housing Bubble .. it wasn't Bush that led this .. it was Bill Clinton that absolved the Dodd-Frank regulations .. and subsequently asked Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lower the credit requirements and subsequently influence large banks like B of A and Countrywide to increase "qualified" lending... so please stop blaming Bush.
      BTW before election .. yes it was Chavez..Castro...Putin.. and Ahmadenijad that all endorsed ... Obama. Have to ask yourself why?
      Obama was the one that pushed to remove the "looking for work" proof requirement for unemployment benefits .. and btw some jobs would pay less than the unemployment check ... so why look for a job in the first place.
      Just remember ... socialism stops working when you run out of the other guy's money to spend.

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      • True about Bill Clinton that is for sure. He was on watch when that happened and wanted to encourage home ownership and stimulate the economy.

        The world was probably worried that if Mitt was elected he would start a war to stimulate the economy and to fund the elite defense contractors that are campaign contributors. I would rather have the president that world leaders are comfortable with than a new one that is unproven and may be confrontational.

        Agree unemployment benefits duration should be cut. You should only get unemployment for a short period of time like 2-3 months max. Unemployment isn't income replacement it is crisis mode cash.

    • The capital gains tax only affects those who are lucky enough to have extra money to invest (generally the rich). Lower income folks don't generally have large portfolios and income, only retirees do which is why dividend capital gains rates used to be marginal tax rates so that a retiree with no income could still enjoy most of their dividend income because it was taxed at their low marginal rate. Mitt Romney with his multimillion dollar portfolio that generates millions of dollars income needs to pay more than 15%. He is not using the extra money to stimulate the economy, he is hiding it overseas. But Grandma who has no income and dividend income of $20,000 per year should pay according to her low marginal tax rate. Lower capital gains tax does little for most americans and only really benefits the rich which allows for asset inflation (paintings selling for $75 million). The capital gains tax should be indexed to the marginal rate so that rich folks getting income from only their investments because they are privileged and don't have to work anymore under either tax rate really should pay higher taxes.

      As long as the lower income folks are not hit with taxes they will keep spending. I would rather 100 poor people get $100 each extra than Mitt get $10,000. Because the poorer folks will all go buy a $100 ceiling fan at walmart and Mitt will buy a $10,000 one at some specialty shop that is all fancied up. There is a lot more copper in 100 - $100 ceiling fans than in once fancy one. 98% of americans drive the economy and contributes more to the economy than top 2% which is what allows the top 2% to sit on their butt and collect their dividends.

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      • Your ideology is not new and has been tried in many nations and to my knowledge the only still operating that way (slightlyI is China. Taking from one group to equalize matters simply has not been successful and it won't work here. Those have made money whether it's an individual or a corporation will move their assets to locations that are far more lenient tax wise. I live in Ut which has a low tax rate and we are being inundated with people leaving CA. Our unemployment rate is about 4.5% and in my small area we are at 3.6%. This would not be happening except for the fact that CA has consistently raised taxes to "share" revenue with low income folks or illegals. In this specific example, people are voting with their feet. Same is happening in NY as well. And I just read that Gov Christie in NJ plans on raising property taxes so that people who chose to live in a safe area will have to pay to help those who lived near the seashore rebuild. Guess what, they will join the migration of millions who have moved to the South. Your idea is filled with compassion but a much better solution would be to reduce regulations/taxes so businesses would provide the very best form of welfare...........a job.

    • and heres a lesson foer you...

      democrats can win the elections forever from now on no matter how bad they are. Why? Cause hispanics going way up and illegal immigrants will son be LEGAL immigrants. they dont want to vote for buncha old white guys who are outta touch

      so even if ur #$%$ republican party ever does win a president again, it will be because they become more liberal to do it. they arely have... so 2016 republicans will say they support ABORTION and lol. So yeah... have fun with your repubs. they will soon be liberals too.

      and u know this is all true, thats why ur so mad. cause hispanic women have avote not just white men. i bet ud love it if we could go back to the 1800's when women and blacks couldnt vote but guess what kiddo aint gunna happen so u lose democracts win 4 more years then hilary clinton gets 8 years. LOL maybe republicans can get a president in 2024. by then tho USA wont be #1 country in the world because obama will make it more normal... better fit with the rest of the world. thx god. this is a world to be shared by all not raped by USA.

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      • r.harvie Nov 16, 2012 2:15 AM Flag

        i am reading all of this crap and thinking one thing,i have an awesome life and am thankful to my catholic god for giving me this life and everything and everyone in it.i do not want a stinkin thing form any of you,shame on you for wanting what is mine.rightfully mine,its a case of hey that guy has more dineros in his pocket and i want it and son of a gun if i vote for this guy he has the power to get it,thats the low down and dirty.oh and i am white and its friggin awesome,so pls go head and hate,casue hombre its check mate. there is no win,i will keep my money,just will buy gold coin so i wont have to pay cap gains.peace

      • Gonachar,

        JESUS. You F'in Racist. You obviously resent the USA and hate white people. Your'e even an enemy to the democrats.

        First of all, you can't even use proper grammar.

        "USA won't be #1 country in the world because obama will make it more normal" ????

        What a STUPID comment. You are sooooo uneducated. Guess what, as soon as democrats begin trying to give this country away, Republicans will win yet again. Even some democrats actually love this country and are patriotic.

        So, listen you stupid MIGRANT WORKER, get a grip. You obviously don't love this country, so you have nothing to say.

        Hey everyone, let's use Central and South America as an example of how to run our country. POVERTY and TOTAL CORRUPTION. Just think CHAVEZ and CASTRO !!!! How about NORIEGA ???????



        I hate to tell you, but the Hispanic vote is not automatically democrat. In fact, Bush receives 44% of the hispanic vote. You #$%$ Once hispanics become regular citizens and move out away from their dead-end neighborhoods, they will have independent thoughts and be both republican and democrat.

        Do you realize how many hispanics live in Texas and Texas will never be a democratic state !!!!!


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      • You are correct and I will add that "Those that refuse to learn from History are destined to repeat it."

        The gop better stop it's war on women too it will only make things worse for them.

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