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  • misterstock349 misterstock349 Nov 15, 2012 4:57 PM Flag



    I hate to burst your anti-republican bubble, but . . .

    I am an independent leaning right. I'm OK with abortion, especially for uneducated liberals like you. The LAST thing we need in this society is more of YOU. So, I say to all the women out there, GO FOR IT. Do what you need to do. Less Gonachars, less entitlements. I have no anit-abortion stance whatsoever.

    So, Gonarea is wrong again.

    So, like the uneducated #$%$ that Gonarea is, his racist and anti-business and extreme socialistic views cause him to lump everyone who doesn't agree with him in the same category.

    The GOOD news is that people like Gonarea don't run this country and never will. If they did, there would be hell to pay and they wouldn't last long. That is why the USA will never accept or get a true CHAVEZ or CASTRO for life, unlike Venezuela and Cuba - at least not one who will get very far without being removed from office.

    The other thing that I need to make clear to Gonarea is that there is a reason why the USA is the most powerful country in the world - economically and militarily. Because we don't, as a nation, think like Gonarea. Apparently, he is not from this country and is simply jealous, as are many non-Americans, of our success.

    Gonarea just wants all of us to be as F'd up as Central and South America. He doesn't think it's fair that someone smarter, more resourceful and more driven than he is should receive more money and more luxuries. He wants all of you to share your wealth or gains with him. He wants all countries to be "equal". He wants NOBODY to stand out as a leader and deal with all the bad guys.

    My guess is that Gonarea is Hispanic. Well, if it weren't for the USA, Hitler would have dealt with all the Gonarea's a long long time ago.

    Remember that Gonarea beeeotch.

    There's a LOT of evil in this world and the USA has saved millions and millions of lives using its power in a positive way. There has always been struggles and mass slaughters. Unlike any socialistic or communist country, the USA has saved the day many many times.

    Remember Gonarea, if it weren't for the USA, you wouldn't have an internet and you wouldn't be allowed to speak and write what you want.

    The bottom line ??? YOU SUCK and unfortunately, people like me have to save the world from people like you getting in the way.

    LOSER !!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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