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  • bhodhe3boy bhodhe3boy Nov 20, 2012 12:31 PM Flag

    snow and colder than normal temps at mt.milligan

    this could explain the the drop today- although after 5 days teps recover to almost seasona in the prince george forcast by tues.This could become a weather driven stock this winter-warm-ups for the longs

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • The weather is getting colder but not cold enough to affect construction.

    • that's the dumbest analysis ive heard in a while. even if weather was really bad, it might delay Mt milligan by a couple of weeks at most. the reality is, after everything this company been thru it doesnt matter. the reason for this drop is simply because shorts are making their move.

      u have to understand how shorts work... they had this attack planned for late nov for months. its the way it goes. like when this stock went to 3.80 before they didnt care, they sat back, waited for it to stop going up, then coordinated an attack and they do the same now. in this case they chose to attack it on a green day after $350 mil because it made tc look very weak.

      now they have a goal of getting it to 2.50 then they will hold it there until nov 27 when $350 mil gets financed.... then they will try n plunge it more to low 2's but they wont succeeed but they try. then they sell off all the dec puts in the money and then they start covering and boom this stock goes up to $4 in 8 days. its all part of the game, gotta know how to play it. lol @ weather.

      what ppl need to be real careful of here is double loss. eg if u set a stop loss at $2.50 then be prepared to lose double because what happens is... you sell at $2.50 then the stock gets huge bounce to $2.65 but its a bull trap. So it go to $2.65 and u buy back in, thinking its going up, then it goes back to $2.50 and us ell off afgain... its a double loss.... u either need to sell and stick to ur guns until this hits $3, or hold thru this. suckas.