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  • dx2001 dx2001 Dec 5, 2012 5:54 PM Flag

    Reports on Copper Shortage

    Chinese reporting on anything is suspect at best, but it makes sense if manufacturing data shows economy is turning the corner over there that raw material would be impacted and a supply crunch for copper makes sense. $150 Billion in chinese stimulus money for infrastructure projects will chew up any stockpiled copper quickly

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    • wait until US government spends $800 billion on new roads and infastructure in USA like obama wants

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      • Hmmm, that's what Obama wants? Was that for the first bait and switch stimulus package, or, the second one that he's now touting? Better late than never I suppose. On another matter, just look at the premium that MMR went for. Imo, they have a similar profile "key statistics" wise, however, TC has a much higher bv, and general outlook. I agree with those who think that TC is a no brainer at these levels. Again, I'd welcome weakness to increase my position in TC. Bring on the DC Follies.

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