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  • bobbibedahlia bobbibedahlia Jan 25, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    Think about it !!

    TC beginning inthe fall of 2013 is adding 81million pounds of copper and 87,000 ounces of gold to its bottom line. (yeah I extrapolated after Royal golds share.) roughly 483 million to the bottom line for the next 22 years .Adding roughly 3 bucks(of course there will be expenses and taxes) a share for the next 22 years on a 4 buck stock. It doesn't take am atheist or rocket scientist to figureout how much this stock is undervalued.

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    • Agree this should be above $5 by end of Feb

      Sentiment: Hold

    • totally agree and that is using current copper and moly pricing.

      This will bounce and be kicked around until the traders realize it is getting to close to launch time then it will rise to its real value.

      I have a small position and am waiting to add May June ???

      Good luck


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      • Funny how little we add the possibility of moly adding to the bottom line. This stock reminds me of LVS at the bottom where just the opening of a single casino in Singapore was worth the risk of owning the stock let alone all the other casinos. This stock is priced for NOTHING to work out. Milligan is the jewel and will take this stock high quickly when it can wash rock. The world economy is improving look at the Japanese stock market on a tear, Europe not in the news, USA still weak and the market is on a tear. I take risks, I buy cheap. I'm selling a lot lot higher. If you aren't going to buy now when are you going to buy???

        Sentiment: Strong Buy