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  • dtimepalm dtimepalm Feb 26, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    JP Morgan just down graded tc

    Just thought you would like to know.

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    • Lets say it $5.00 in a year price target? Why would you buy a stock with a penny stock price target. Thats if evey ting goes good. Tc has not exceeded anything that any analysts has pointed out. In fact they have not meet analysts expectations in what like 2 years? Havent you been disappointed with this dog? Why do you not take profits or have a stop loss set. Even a 8% stop loss makes you only loose 8%. If you were wrong and it crosses the 8% mark what makes you think you are right? For my followers another example of a person not taking profits and only looking at losses. Follow me to greatness and retire like me when your under 50. You cannot depend on the motley post as they have been bias (long ) on tc for a long time. Tc will be a buy one day. But not today.

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      • Must be why it went up so much as everyone knows JPissPot Morgan is almost as corrupt as Goldmen Sux and you normally should always do the opposite of what they say.

      • dtime, still looking for you to voice a price that you'd actually be a buyer ... If it dips to back to $3.15 or lower, I'll be adding, but again, am not holding my breath for it to go much lower than the mid $2's, if there at all (I'm wishing that it happens short term but really don't expect it, with their bad news seemingly behind them, and construction winding down, and production looking to ramp up at MM). Like all companies yes, they have issues, but they also appear to have a cushion for any bumps and the light at the end of the tunnel imo, looks to be daylight and revenues/profits, and not an oncoming train. But, we'll see. In the meantime again, feel free to voice where you think that TC is a good buy, rather than just bashing it, while it bounces around.

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    • dtime, no elaboration upon the "news" that you thought that we'd all like to know? You didn't wanna' mention that they still have a $5 or so pt? Hmmm, wonder why not?!

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    • It looks like they reduced the pt to what $5, from $6? Yet, they still appear to maintain that TC is undervalued in light of the progress at Mt. Milligan, what it brings to the table, and that if all goes as planned, in the not too distant future. You seem to be cherry picking your "news" imo.

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    • jontdavis Feb 26, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

      Buy when everybody's puking