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  • dtimepalm dtimepalm Mar 14, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    Major announcement

    The dow will correct 4-8 percent prior to 4-15-2013. Thats my prediction. What do you think tc will do? Think about selling tc as I have a sell rating on tc. Thats my prediction. The facts speak to me and I speak the facts. I know a lot of you think Im a nut. This is the second time I have made a prediction in 2 years about a correction. The last time nobody believed it and I was right. AT that time those people became followers. Every once and a while I throw the dogs a bone.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Yes - correct "4%-8%" to the upside to reflect the meager beginnings of a massive inflationary period globally. JMHO.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • 3-15-2013. Tc down to $3.19 today. shame shame shame. tc keeps going down. I wish tc would do one thing right so I could give a hold or buy rating. For now with the expected cost over runs, and cheap metals tc is a sell. almost a strong sell.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Wow--what a prognosticator you are --correct 4-8 percent by 4-15--did you think that up all by yourself--along with half the wall street gang---its called the "sell in May and go away" thesis---it happens a significant percentage of all years--you are really going out on a limb

    • wow just like I said. What do you think tc will do when the dow goes down ? The dow is down only .28% 40 points today. Tc is down to $3.19 almost 2% a factor of 10 times . Tc does tens times worst then the dow does 3-19-2013. What is tc going to do when the dow corrects 4 to 10%. Sell tc before its to late. Tc soon to be under $3.00

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Major? what a flake (no pun intended lol) the only thing that speaks to you is you alter-ego, you left this board once for about ten minutes, maybe you could do us all a service and leave for good go spend all those millions you supposedly have lol "wink wink"

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      • whats up with the little man complex stumpy? I would wink back but my manhood would go down a notch. I would never wink at a dude!! For my followers save your money don't do as the stumpy little man suggest " Go spend those millions". Save for a rainy day live beneath your means and follow me I do educated plays based on stock fundamentals social security pays like $1100.00 for the average Ive been told.. How great of a retirement are you going to have? These are things to think about. Buy houses each house equals a pension in rent. Buy 10 houses get 10 retirements. You have to start one at a time. Once you rent out one house you will see that it really is not that hard if you have half a brain. Any way stumpy save the winks for the women. Your exposing yourself,

        Sentiment: Sell

      • crack me up

    • I laugh at you flake and vestor. You don't understand what you read between my legs as you stated those words. The point of the post was not that the market will correct it was that tc will drop even bigger than the correction hanging between my legs. I will spell it out so that you can understand (It seems as if your a little slow) Tc will drop even more than it has from $13.00 the next stop is under $3.00. Do you understand that. Well one more time for you tc has dropped 25% in the last few months. With no catalysts (("reason") (for you slow guys)) to be above $3.00. The value of the stock is not above $3.15.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Major announcement? you need to get a grip on something other than that little thing between your legs bud,,,,,,,thats all over the media eveywhere in one form or another, i have a bone for your so called followers, type dtimepalm into yahoo search engine and see what comes up? Nothing but page after page of tc comments he has made,,,no other stock nowhere just tc.his motive? i do not know maybe he got fired from there. or one of there employees stole his " i pee myself doll" when he was a kid, you would be better of looking in the bottom of a teacup than listening to this IDIOT

    • Yeah a market correction in April just before May. That's one hell of a tough prediction to make. Who would have ever thunk it.

      I don't doubt the accuracy of that normal market pattern that everyone in the market is familiar with (sell in May and Go Away - I watch CNBC too) but TC will outperform the market over the next year. Maybe not the next couple of months because the next expected driver is next Q's earnings or any proactive information on the development of MM or positive moly price news. The market may go down in the short term and TC may too but over the next 12 months I expect TC to outperform significantly (I mean the odds of the Dow doubling in 12 months are much less than the odds of TC doubling or tripling in 12 months) as long as MM stays on schedule and starts producing as expected. Plenty of short fuel for a rapid reversal rally.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I have a prediction as well:

      1. Man has desired copper for over 5000 years
      2. Over 90% of copper ever mined is still in use
      3. The world's population is growing

      ***Mt Milligan will produce a valuable resource less than a year from now, and continue to produce it for the next 3-4 decades***

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • As good a guess as any. Have any technicals to back it up or is it just gut feeling?

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