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  • ultraific2 ultraific2 Apr 12, 2013 2:39 PM Flag

    KO of Bingham Canyon = TC sells more moly

    Bet the phones start ringing shortly in Littleton.

    The market will come to appreciate the impact of the loss of 20% and 25% of US moly and copper production for an extended period of time, possibly forever.

    It will just take some time.

    Pitwall failures on that scale Bingham Canyon experienced aren't something a mine fixes in a weekend, more like a year or more, if ever.

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    • Unfortunately for us sounds like the positive impact for TC may not be immediate. The picture I saw looked like it was only one section of wall at the mine.

      (Reuters) - Mining group Rio Tinto's Bingham Canyon operation in Utah is still producing copper even though mining operations were suspended after a landslide on Wednesday, a spokesman said on Friday.

      Justin Jones, a spokesman for Rio Tinto Kennecott, which operates the mine, could not say how long the smelting and refining process could continue with stockpiled material. He said that is still being assessed.

      "The mine itself is very large, and there are possibilities that we can begin starting portions of the mine, you know, within a few days, thus not interrupting the production of copper," he said.

      Jones said investigators hope to re-enter the mine as soon as there is daylight at the site, which is near Salt Lake City, Utah.

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    • where is a link to this story?