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  • retaoba retaoba Apr 19, 2013 1:36 PM Flag

    Wow foggie, viper, ultra, etc...

    The children play hooky from school when the markets go down, don't they? My ignore button is all but worn out...
    Market goes up, you hear crickets, market goes down, everyone tries to make $0.10 shorting something...
    Anyone have an idea as to how the conference call will go in 3 weeks?
    I am thinking news will be less than steller for Q-1 - although I'm not sure if this can/will be cheaper then.
    I have all I want in any case.
    I am still looking for the primary catalyst to be the Q-3 conference call, unless there are a couple of very positive press releases prior to that in July or August, which I suppose is technically a possibility...

    There is an interesting sub dynamic developing now in light of Rio's Utah mine problems. The miner warning strike at Codelco and the upcoming Chilean elections later this year could be possible pre-coursers to a tighter CU supply in Q-3 and Q-4 of this year...

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    • Q1 results will probably smell badly, because of the preventable Endako ice snafu. I don't believe they have much inventory there that will/can be sold in the normal course, and production probably took it on the chin. Thus, they'll have to expense a lot of idle capacity costs, so that is a problem hurting Q-1 P&L. If production continues to be decent at TC mine, and if sales of Q4-'12 material in Q1 are strong, that gross margin might mitigate the hole caused by Endako ice poochscrew. Needless, I expect a small quarterly loss.

      That god d*** ice had better have melted by now......

      With this Bingham Canyon thing, TC sales of moly (units) should pick up across the board as RT Kennecott idles Utah operations. That's why production stats from the TC mine are very important for Q1. They are the only operation that TC has now that can generate profit. Let's hope they know that in Littleton HQ.

      Any news on Milligan would be welcome, so lets pray its good news. Sentiment is so awful in miners (and TC), we don't need anymore mgmt-inflicted lumps on-the-head right now.

      IMO, for what that's worth, copper is selling off more from traders exiting positions, more than any actual demand destruction from worldwide industry. Supply has been up in past 6 mts. as miners have performed well, production-wise, so lets hope lots of trouble is stirred up in Chile. Gotta go.

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