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  • tnavarro Apr 29, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    M&A / stock value

    what would be a proper valuation should an acquiring company wish to buyout TC stock? would valuation be done by ratios or discounted cash flows, current book value? I'm wondering what the real stock value in TC is compared to its current stock value (which is cheap by the way and way undervalued in my opinion). Anyone know?

    Seems like the execs and board have something up their sleeves with the voting of stock awards and issuing valuations in the coming shareholder meeting. Wonder what they know that we dont?

    Im not saying that they are going to be bought out, but if they where... whats the price per share? anyone?

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    • Welli ts quite complicated.the book value of the TC stock with just the moly mine is 8 bucks .Royal gold already would get their share of gold no matter what and they have contingencies that would have to be met .But your question is not far fetched. First the Tc properties are in safe geopolitical regions and the mine has a 22 year life. Any bidding company will probably try to get a better price by including some of the old members of the TC board onthe acquiring company to cheer lead the takeover at probably a couple bucks less than fair value. What is the book value of the new mine what about the Tmeds . They should go minimum high teens